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At Laser and Aesthetics, we offer a variety of routes to obtain both lasers or aesthetic devices, and one of those routes is geared towards the purchase of used-lasers and aesthetic equipment.

Purchasing a 'pre-owned' device can mean massive price savings against purchasing a brand-new device.

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We promote the sale of our own used-equipment, as well as acting as an independent advertising channel for clients to sell their unwanted devices direct to a new buyer. Details of currently available  used-equipment is available to view on our used equipment page

Remember to look carefully at the individual advert as this will make it clear if the machine is being sold by Laser and Aesthetics or by a 3rd-party clinic, and  will detail who to contact for further details regarding the particular laser or aesthetic device.

If the advert is on behalf of a 3rd-party seller, then Laser and Aesthetics are merely acting as an advertising platform for the sellers and buyers to reach each other and discuss the system in question. Whilst we are also available for independent advice, we do not act for either party and are in no way responsible for the sale, costs incurred, equipment quality or warranty.

One of the most important aspect of buying a used-device is to be realistic in terms of budget. If a brand new laser system costs £65,000 + VAT new, you are not going to find a one-year-old device for £5,000!

If you are looking for something special, not listed on our used-device directory, then please contact us as we may be able to source the equipment for you from one of our many suppliers. In such cases, the purchase would be the Laser and Aesthetics and you would receive additional support, generally including an element of training and system warranty.

We are able to source many different types of aesthetic and laser equipment: From diode lasers to Alexandrite and Nd:YAG lasers, tattoo removal lasers, skin rejuvenation lasers and more; as well as a wide range of aesthetic devices for fat reduction, skin tightening and much more besides.

Please see our Manufacturer page for an indication of the types of equipment we can deal will.

So what are the advantages of a used laser or Aesthetic equipment over a new one?

  • Purchase price is the first and most obvious, as the cost of a used system is going to be much less than that of a new one. The cost of the pre-owned system will depend upon factors such as:
    • Age of device
    • Usage to date
    • Service history
    • Cost when new
    • Support available
    • Accessories included
    • Depreciation
    • Training provision

If your system is coming direct from a private seller and not from us, then be aware of increased risk. You could consider:

  • Seeing a working demonstration of the device
  • Is there a transferable warranty?
  • Does it have a documented service history?
  • Are all the accessories there, and working?
  • Any damage to the device?
  • Secure delivery and installation of the device

At Laser and Aesthetics, we can give you advice on any system you are looking to purchase as well as offering services to help you with the purchase, such as

  • Pre-purchase assessment
  • Installation, on going servicing
  • Training

See our engineering support for our fixed service charges.

We can offer advice on help on the comparison of a particular model with another and we maybe able to offer alternatives.

The advantages of buying through us means you can get training and support on most systems and still at a fraction for the costs of new.

Also read about our part exchange options.


The term "used equipment" is not limited to a private seller offering a 'pre-owned' device to a new buyer.  Options include:

  • Re-conditioned laser and re-conditioned aesthetic equipment

These devices have undergone engineering activity to restore them to good condition and working order, close to the initial specification.

  • Second-Hand laser or aesthetic equipment

These devices have been owned by someone else and we are selling them on.

  • Ex-demonstration laser or aesthetic equipment

These devices have been used as demonstration unit or on an exhibition stand. This means it could be brand-new just not in the original packing and never actually used clinically.

  • Pre-owned laser or aesthetic equipment

Read about our part exchange options.

Alternatively, please download our free Buying guide from the column on the right hand side of the webpage