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Please feel free to download our pricing structure so you can see our straightforward pricing system for all the services we offer within our engineering support section.

We can cover a wide range of systems and are always available for your assistance

Maintenance What services we offer

The first promise we make you at Laser and aesthetics is support; it maybe that we cannot help you but we may be able to point you in a direction of someone that can or offer you the best advice we have available.

We offer this telephone/email service “free of charge” to non-customers as well as current customers.

We also differ from the many manufactures or suppliers in that we will offer the best solution for you, not the most expensive and can often save you money in that respect.

Why pay and expensive service contract on a machine that is just out of warranty i.e. 12 months old. Many suppliers will try to draw you into this but in reality you are not going to need it and if you do then there is something inherently wrong with the system!

We offer a very easy to understand service that is as follows

One off repair or service- Fixed price

We have teamed up with the very best laser engineers that are able to travel country wide and further to provide one of service works or one off repairs.

For one off repairs we will try and diagnose the fault before we arrive so we can fix the problem in one visit. This is not always possible but we will endeavour to try.

We deal with a variety of systems but don’t despair even if we don’t list it we may be able to help just get in touch.

One off repairs and emergency can be minimised by entering into a Preventative Maintenance plan which include service calls, callouts and sometimes parts.

The main reason for a preventative service plan is we assess if parts are likely to need replacing before they actual do need replacing i.e like a car when you have it serviced they may advice you need new tires or brakes before they damage further your discs etc click here to see our dedicated laser servicing

Download our pricing structure

Aesthetic equipment is exactly the same principle.

Parts -

Our engineers have access to a wide range of parts for many different systems so we may be able to help with parts. This includes headpieces replacement for diode systems such as the Alma soprano and harmony

Preventative Laser Maintenance plans –

These plans are designed to ensure your systems remains operational for as long as possible with maximum efficiency and output.

Once you sign up the service plan our engineer will arrange to come and service your equipment.

We provide a thorough check, clean and calibration of the system and will advise on its current condition and if anything, needs replacing.

The laser and aesthetic equipment we can provide assistance on is listed here but this is not an exhaustive list so if you are in doubt please do get in touch.

  • Cynosure lasers and aesthetic equipment –Candela lasers –
  • Candela laser and aesthetic equipment
  • Fotona laser systems -
  • Alma lasers and aesthetic equipment including
    • Soprano
    • Harmony
  • Lumenus laser and aesthetic equipment
  • Quanta lasers and aesthetic equipment
  • Zimmer and icool refrigeration system
  • Ellipse
  • Lutronic laser systems
  • BTL systems
  • Bios lasers an aesthetic equipment
  • Cutera
  • Lynton lasers
  • +more

Contact us today to discuss your needs and let’s see if we can help you

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