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Alma Femilift is a non-surgical, quick, easy and pain-free procedure for the treatment of feminine issues including:

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) 
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Vaginal dryness

The Alma Femilift can help alleviate and cure these problems regardless of their cause ie:

  • Menopause
  • Hormone deficiency
  • Post labour

The treatment can be performed in a clinic setting such as aesthetic treatment room, rather than a hospital, and has virtually no side-effects or downtime.

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Vaginal tissue is constructed with collagen fibres to give it strength and flexibility, and, just like skin, these fibres age over time and become weaker.

The Alma Femilift utilises CO2 laser technology to heat the vaginal tissue. This gentle heating process causes the contraction of existing fibres and the stimulation of new fibres. The stimulation of new fibres causes an and anti aging process from the inside and helps strengthen and restore the elasticity of the vaginal tissue.

The Alma Femilift uses a CO2 laser in a pixel format for micro-ablation, deep thermal heating and tissue remodelling. 

The Alma CO2 is high powered with complete control over the settings to give both precision and innovation. The CO2 fractional laser is considered a gold standard in tightening and rejuvenation and can cause deep thermal bulk heating with ablation.

The CO2 laser energy is delivered to the target vaginal tissue through a lens that causes a pixelation of the beam in a 9 x 9 pattern. The micro-channels created cause thermal inducement which penetrates deep in the submucosa leaving the surround tissue intact and unharmed. This results in a fast-healing response and rejuvenation of the vaginal tissue. It also causes existing fibres to contract and formation of new collagen.

It is this process that causes the tightening effect to reduce vaginal tightening, the increase in blood flow to reduce vaginal dryness and the lifting of the pelvis to aid stress urinary incontinence. 


As we age so does the body and over a females life cycle there are difference factors including potential childbirth and hormonal changes that can lead to involuntary urine leakage or vaginal laxity. This can result in a decrease in quality of life, sex drive and self assurance.

Alma Femilift is an outpatient treatment using a CO2 laser to improve and cure female complaints such as 

  • Stress_rinary incontinence (SUI) 
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Vaginal dryness

The Alma Femilift is 

Why FemiLift?

  • Safe and effective. Clinically proven utilising cutting edge technology and single use instruments and immediate results.
  • Versatile. To enable to treatment of different conditions different size of applications are available. 
  • Outpatient treatment with minimal downtime, no bleeding and very comfortable with little or no pain.








Femilift smart

This handpiece facilitates homogeneous treatments of the vaginal tissue. THe scanner is programmed according to indication and parameters and provides an automated treatment for optimal coverage and safety .

Femilift Probe

A Single use probe designed to fit different vaginal sizes to ensure maximum comfortion. The clinical rotates the probe in 360 degree pattern to ensure complete vaginal coverage and optimum efficiency. 

Femilift slim probe

This probe is a smaller version for narrower anatomical structures.

Femicam diagnostic probe

This is a diagnostic tool that enables the clinician to actually visualize the vaginal tissue both pre and post treatment to evaluate the reactions and results of treatment. The probe is equipped with LEd lighting to visualize the tissue. This unique system also clinical to record images for further analysis and to monitor progress.

Lite scan

Used for rejuvenation of the labia majora 


Used for tightening of the labia majora


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