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The Alma Sinon II is a high powered Ruby laser for the treatment of pigmented lesions and multi-color tattoos 

The Alma Sinon II utilises q switched ruby laser at 694nm with the ability to have a very short pulse width down to 20 nanoseconds. This makes it a safe and precise laser for the treatment of pigmented lesions as well as multi-colour tattoos. Ruby laser is also considered to be the gold standard for the removal of green tattoos. 

The system has a high repetition rate and a range of easy changeable spot sizes for maximum penetration and minimal side effects 

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Alma Sinon

Q-switch technology

This is considered the most effective method of removing both natural pigments such as pigmented lesions and artificial pigments such as tattoo. The ALma Sinin II uses an active Q-switch laser to deliver photo-acoustic shockwaves to the target area whilst minimising risk to surrounding tissues. These short pulses of energy are delivered in nanosecond pulses. This wave causes the vibration and disruption of the pigment that it is targeting breaks it into smaller pigments. As the body heals the blood cells and bodies immune system flushes away the shattered particles of pigment leaving clear skin without scarring or hyper-pigmentation. 

Ruby 694nm wavelength

Ruby laser has a worldwide proven track record as been the most effective q-switch laser wavelength for pigmented lesion removal as well as been the gold standard for green tattoos and excellent multi-coloured tattoo removal. The 694nm wavelength is selectively absorbed by melanin of the tattoo pigment with very low absorption by haemoglobin (blood) and so limits the risk of bleeding. The high absorption allows for the treatment of both superficial and deep pigments using lower fluences which obviously reduced the risk of side effects or surrounding tissue damage. 

Ultra-short pulsing

A big feature of the Sinon II is the ability to delivery very short ruby pulses of 20 nanoseconds. The short pulses produces high peak power for optimal treatment efficiency and minimal patient discomfort. The higher efficient pulse allows the user to maintain a low fluence whilst still achieving optimal results. Low fluence again gives minimal patient discomfort. Using low fluence allows the system to deliver over larger spot sizes meaning the treatments are safe and fast as well as been able to target deeper lying pigments. 


  • Fractional tip for fractional treatments of pigmented and tattoos
  • Divergent beam with a focus within the hand-piece not the skin, removing risk of hot-spots
  • 3mm soft spot size for treatment of darker skins
  • Small q switch fluence delivery for detailed work and sensitive skins 
  • Oval spot shape to reduce overlapping
  • Zimmer attachment for additional cooler to minimise patient discomfort 

Key Features:

  • Safe and accurate 
  • Single pulse with low fluence for safe and accurate treatments
  • Fast treatment with high repetition rate
  • Easy spot size change for fast and efficient treatments
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Interactive user interface
  • High return on investing with a cost effective one laser solution


  • Benign pigmented lesions including
    • Solar lentigos 
    • cafe-au-lait
    • Oral mucosa and lips
    • Nevus of ota
    • Much more
  • Tattoo removal
    • Gold standard for greens, sky blues and teal
    • effective for blacks
    • multicolour tattoo's


Alma HomoGenius Handpiece

This uses a square laser beam profile with top-hat technology covering 3x3mm2 or 5x5mm2 for coverage without overlap and the treatment pigmented lesions and tattoo's

Alma Fractional Handpiece

Fractional tip for fractional laser beam delivery for he treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos. This is delivered in a 5 x 5 array of micro beam,s of q switch ruby energy with minimal thermal effect. This allows for skin to heal faster and formation of new collagen.

Fractional Laser beam delivery achieves an even skin tone and offers additional rejuvenation benefits whilst limiting patient downtime.

Alma Soft Spot Applicator

a 3mm soft spot size tip for safe and effective treatment of darker skins 

Alma Soft Spot Applicator

Technical Specifications SINON II   

Laser type:   Ruby Wavelength 694 nm

Power requirements: 230 V ± 10 %, 16 A, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 84 x 35 x 102 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Operating mode

Pulse Type:          Q-switched           | long-pulsed

Energy density:   2–14 J/cm2           | 6 –35 J/cm2

Pulse width:        20 nano-seconds  | 4 milli-seconds


Repetition rate:     0.5 – 2 Hz

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