AlexStar laser

Manufacturers Ascelpion AlexStar laser

Alexstar by Ascelpion - Premium Hair removal laser

Two wavelengths 

  • Alexandrite 760nm
  • Nd:YAG 1060nm 

One target Hair,  Fast, precise, powerful

The Alexstar laser is one of the most powerful systems in the world of lasers today. It is the highest power with the shortest pulses that offers high efficient and effective treatment options with maximum patient comfort.

5000 Watts       9Hz       3ms       2 laser ports 



Ascelpion alexstar
Alexstar laser

Simple and easy to use technology

The new, user-friendly interface guides you through the menu of the AlexStar by using clear and easy to understand symbols. The screen is touch responsive with a clear, uncluttered design.


  1. Choose the area to treat (Face,Body)
  2. Choose the skin type 1-6
  3. Choose the hair density (Low, medium and high)
  4. Choose the hair thickness (thin, medium and thick)

Remote technology

If something is not running smoothly then with the alexstar you can make use of the quick and easy remove maintenance service. Via online connection you can get regular updates as well as diagnostics according to your clinics needs 


PowerLine handpieces

PowerLine handpieces mean power! Maximum power, maximum efficiency within  an ergonomic design. The powerline handpieces set new standards in aesthetic lasers ensuring the best results.

Dual Handpiece System

With the AlexStar you have the option of using several handpieces on just one unit .Connect two handpieces simultaneously with the all-new dual-handpiece system. Enables an efficient workflow same time swapping them back and forth without waiting.

New, Highly-Efficient Device Cooling

The 360° skin contact cooling makes every treatment a pleasant experience for your patients. The skin is maximally protected from the heat of the laser beams. Peltier elements in the  handpiece deliver reliable skin cooling.

Ultra-Sharp 10.1 inch LCD Touchscreen Display

Experience dynamic, user-friendly operation through the crystal clear, ultra-sharp, and responsive  touchscreen LCD display with its brand new user interface.

 Practical & modern trolley

The Alexstar laser has an in built trolley that offers  two storage compartments and appears in the elegant design of a practical table. 

Sapphire glass protector

The AlexStar has has a  super-homogeneous laser spot. It is protected by high-quality sapphire glass, which extends the familiar Made-in-Germany technology by one step.

PowerLine Handpieces

The PowerLine handpieces reflect what the AlexStar stands for:

  • quality, 
  • efficiency and
  • maximum power.

Spot size of 3 cm² and a maximum output of 5000 watts, Alexstar offers ultimate performance. 


  • 3.0 cm² spot size for efficient work
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation
  • 5,000 watt power
  • 760 nm


The best choice for fast treatment of dark skin types.

  •  3 cm² spot size 
  •  4,000 Watt power
  • 1060nm
  • 360° cooling system for less skin irritation

With your clinic in mind every Asclepion purchase comes with