Mediostar/Epilab laser

Manufacturers Ascelpion Mediostar/Epilab laser

Asclepion Mediostar/Epilab laser

This latest version of this impressive laser from Asclepion utilises wavelengths of 810nm and 940nm and a range of handpieces to deliver fast effective treatments in a short amount of time.

Couple with dual handpiece technology this allows efficient use of time and minimal setup time delivering treatments with ease.

 Treatments available with Mediostar laser system include

  • Hair removal Laser light therapy is a proven, effective solution for hair removal. Backed by various scientific studies, the MeDioStar adopts the crucial 810nm laser wavelength, along with 940nm, to deliver optimal melanin absorption with maximum protection to the surrounding skin
  • Acne
  • Skin Rejuvenation 
  • Vascular 
  • Pigmentation

Efficient  cooling is achieved through the 360° contact skin cooling system which protects the skin from burns and enables treatment in any direction. Asclepion’s TAPER technology evenly distributes energy over the entire spot to prevent the formation of hot spots.

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Mediostar laser
EpilabMediostar laser
Asclepion mediostar

Hair Removal

Large 10cm2 spot size delivered by the Monolith XL head for the fastest treatment times. The MeDioStar has 6 different hair removal heads available.

  • Monolith S, M, L, XL
  • PowerLine L
  • PowerLine YAG
  • ALX

Acne Treatment

High precision 1cm2 spot size head featured in the Monolith S to the large spot size of 10cm2 in the Monolith XL, there are 5 different heads to choose from. 

  • Monolith S, M, L, XL
  • PowerLine L

Skin Rejuvenation

Deliver effective, comfortable skin rejuvenation treatment. Featuring high-comfort contact cooling from Monolith.

  • Monolith S, M, L, XL
  • PowerLine L

Vascular Treatment

Use the most accurate handpiece with a spot size of 0.12cm2 to deliver vascular  treatments. Providing upto a massive 15-210J/cm2 of energy.

  • VAS

The 6th Generation of MeDioStar


  • Upto spotsize 10cm


  • upto 20Hz


  • Up to 5000W

The system gives practitioners unparalleled control through variable laser energies, real-time cooling, and an intuitive system to consistently deliver impressive results.

Dual Handpiece System

Connect two handpieces simultaneously with the all-new dual-handpiece system.

Plug & Play

Expand your treatment and equipment range with the ease of fully flexible ‘plug & play’ systems. Simply add or remove as needed. 

Ultra-Sharp 10.1 inch LCD Touchscreen Display

Experience dynamic, user-friendly operation through the crystal clear, ultra-sharp, and responsive  touchscreen LCD display with its brand new user interface.

New, Highly-Efficient Device Cooling

Forget about the worries of device cooling thanks to the new internal water cooling system. Peltier elements in the  handpiece deliver reliable skin cooling

Faster, Stronger, Modern

Asclepion medistar laser has a range of eight handpieces ranging from 0.12cm2 spot size up to 10cm2 spot size. The unique handpieces blend functionality, comfort, and speed to deliver fantastic treatment quality and usability.

Mediostar handpieces

With your clinic in mind every Asclepion purchase comes with