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The Bios Superbium is an aesthetic laser device covering multiple treatment options in one system.

With the Bios Superbium laser you can provide a wide range of treatments from one easy-to-use device without the need to buy multiple lasers. The solution is the Superbium laser platform, with 6 different wavelengths of possibility,

  • Er:YAg, dermal 2940nm
  • Er:Glass, fractional 1540nm
  • Nd:Yag, short and long pulse 1064nm
  • Nd:Yag, q-switch 1064nm and 532nm passive
  • IPL of numerous wavelengths. 
  • IR handpiece 

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Plug and Play

This is the Superbium's key to versatility. You can start with any combination of hand-pieces and add on different handpieces over time without the need to add additional lasers!

This can save you a fortune on capital expense and also means you can start with a small budget.

Assisted mode 

The Bios Superbium laser has a large number of applications so making the system easy to use is a must. With the Bios Superbium assisted model there is an on-screen step-by-step guide with images, to make sure you get the correct treatment parameters for the particular application and skin type

There are over 200 protocols stored with the Bios Superbium software. 

Adaptive electronics  

Each of the laser sources within the Bios Superbium is powered by a specific power supply and custom hardware, As a result it is a very powerful and stable system.

This means different hearts for each of the  main technologies

  • Erbium
  • Nd:YAG
  • IPL
  • Q switch 

Square pulsing

The Bios Superbium has the ability to delivery square pulses to avoid overlap and risk of hot spot burning. Quick and and more effective treatments are a result 

Team Viewer 

Access the laser remotely from anywhere in the world. This allows an engineer to assess the laser and upgrade software without the need to visit the laser or clinic, saving you downtime.

  • Online remote laser diagnosis
  • Online remote software updates

Skin Cam 

Zoom in on patients anatomy such as hair follicles and pigmentation to show effects before and after.

  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Real life before and afters with super zoom technology



With its innovative hand-pieces to add on to the system the Bios Superbium offers a wide treatment range including

  • Hair removal on all skin types
    • IPl for light skins
    • Nd:Yag for dark skins
  • Vascular lesions
    • IPl for superficial and facial
    • Nd:Yag for deeper and legs
  • Benign pigmented lesions
    • Combination Erbium, Nd:Yag, Q-switch and IPL
  • Scarring
    • Erbium Yag
  • Photo-rejuvenation
    • IPL
    • Erbium
    • Nd:Yag
    • Q switch
  • Tattoo
    • S switch
  • Onychomycosis
    • Nd:Yag

Optional cooling system for more patient comfort

Optional Skin Cam

Optional hand-pieces as and when required 



200 Hz
High Repetition Rate


3 KW
High Power Supply


Full Colour Touch screen LCD Display 
10.4 inch

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