Vanquish Me

Manufacturers BTL Vanquish Me

BTL Vanquish ME

The BTL Vanquish Me is the second in its class for the treatment of fat reduction contactlessly 

The device has a large treatment area

Ensuring unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety


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BTL Vanquish Me
Vanquish me treatment
BTl Vanquish

BTL Vanquish me technology

The Vanquish system is a non-invasive, non-contact Selective RF Technology that selectively heats adipose tissue by energy based on the impedance of the adipose tissue to the point of apoptosis, while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. The process leads to fat cells elimination.

The result is a safe and natural decrease in the adipose tissue layer.

It uses patented Selective RFTM technology and allows users to reduce the circumference of the entire abdominal area or inner and outer thighs.

BTL Vanquish me technology
The BTL VAnquish ME  constantly adjusts energy delivery in order to induce and maintain an homogeneous heating the fat.
Once the adipocytes reach therapeutic temperature, the adipocytes will become apoptotic, resulting in the cell death.

The temperate that the fat cells are heated to is around 45 degrees while the surrounding tissue remains at 40 degrees this is due to the fact that fat cells have lower conductivity than the surrounding tissue such as skin and muscles.

How is the Vanquish treatment performed?

The patient is positioned comfortably and the applicator is placed over the treatment area.

The procedure is i non-contact, therefore, the device does not come in direct contact with the patient.

Once the treatment begins the device measures the impedance of the tissue and begins to "tune" to the adipose tissue.

The treatment provider will monitor the patient response and tuning throughout the treatment.

Key features

  • Can deliver treatments to BMI <30
  • Can deliver treatments to BMI >30
  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime
  • Flank to flank treatment in one go
  • No surgery
  • No anesthesia
  • Circumferential reduction 
  • Generally only 4 treatments i week apart
  • 45 minute quick treatment time
  • Results as quickly as 2 weeks post procedure
  • Contactless procure (only a warm sensation post treatment is felt)
  • Proven by peer reviewed studies 


No consumables needed and large spot size

see the doctor testimonial below


We Do not have the Specifications of the BTL Vanquish Machine why not see what makes BTL special instead with this informative video.

Product Specifications
Laser Type Focus Field Radio Frequency
Max. Power 200 Watts
Output Frequency 27.12 MHz
Treatment Duration 1 to 30 min
Mode Continuous
Output Power 0 W - 200 W
Dimensions of Device 22 in W x 39 in H x 22 in D
Weight of Device 84 lbs
Graphic Color Touch Screen 8.4", 640x480 pixels
Dimensions of Applicator without Cable 27 in W x 7.6 in H x 4.1 in
Weight of Applicator 3.9 lbs

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