Elos Plus

Candela Elos Plus the complete Aesthetic workstation / platform laser

This laser provides a wide range of in demand treatments for any aesthetic practice within one easy to use device. some of the applications for the Candela elos plus are 

  • Vascular including 
    • Benign lesions
    • Facial telangiectasia
    • Rosacea
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Freckles
  • Sun and age spots
  • Skin rejuvenation 
  • skin resurfacing 
  • Scarring
  • Wrinkle reduction 
  • hair removal
  • Acne

See video below for skin rejuvenation treatment using Candela Elos plus

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Candela Elos
Elos PLus
Candela Elos+

Technology within the device

The Candela Elos plus uses a unique combination of both laser and light with radiofrequency to delivery precision and comfortable treatments that your patients will love. The Elos plus also offers un matched patient levels of comfort with its 3 level skin protection

  • Radiofrequency reduces the optical energy requirements to limite skin heating and allows deeper heating of the target struction
  • Active dermal monitoring shows immediate signals of skin impedance to monitor the effect of the treant
  • Sapphire cooling improves patient comfort even further. 

see video for Elos SRA technology

Candela Elos plus trinity treatment protocol

This allows three sought after treatments in one single session for unrivaled results. 
  • using SR/SRA for pigmented lesions
  • using sublime for wrinkles
  • using sublative for ablation and resurfacing

key features

  • Plug and play
  • Sapphire cooling
  • Fast diode hair removal
  • Active dermal monitoring
  • RF used on all skin types
  • Multiple handpieces for treatment across a broad range of uses and skin types
  • Intuitive user interface incorporates touchscreen

Customised the system for your needs with the ability to add on more

The Candela Elos plus allows you the flexibility to decide on which applications you need and when you need them to optimised your return on investments and grow step by step.

Handpieces available are

  • Sublative
  • Sublime
  • SR
  • SRA
  • AC
  • LV
  • LVA
  • Motif LHR
  • Motif HR
  • Motif IR

As well as plus applications for Motif HR, SR, SRA

Applicator Spectrum Light Fluence RF Energy Treated Area Max. Pulse Rep Rate  Cooling
Sublative N/A  N/A  Up to 100 mJ/pin Standard 64: 12 x 12 mm
Focal 44: 11 x 3 mm 
1 Hz N/A
Sublime 700-2000 nm Up to 6 W/cm² Up to 200 J/cm³  12 x 8 mm 1 Hz 10°C
SR 580-980 nm Up to 45 J/cm² Up to 25 J/cm³ 25 x 12 mm 1 Hz 5°C
SRA 470-980 nm Up to 45 J/cm² Up to 25 J/cm³ 25 x 12 mm 1 Hz 5°C
AC 400-980 nm Up to 18 J/cm²  Up to 25 J/cm³ 25 x 12 mm 1 Hz 5°C
LV 915 nm Up to 140 J/cm² Up to 100 J/cm³ 8 x 5 mm 1 Hz 5°C
LVA 915 nm 100 - 350 J/cm²  Up to 100 J/cm³ 8 x 2 mm 1 Hz 5°C
Motif LHR 810 nm Up to 50 J/cm² Up to 50 J/cm³ 15 x 12 mm 10 Hz 5°C
Motif HR 680 - 980 nm Up to 45 J/cm² Up to 25 J/cm³  25 x 12 mm 3 Hz 5°C
Motif IR 915 nm Up to 70 J/cm² Up to 100 J/cm³  8 x 5 mm 10 Hz 5°C
New elos Applicators
Motif HR Plus 680-980 nm Up to 35 J/cm²  Up to 25 J/cm³  35 x 14 mm 3 Hz 5°C
SR Plus 580-980 nm Up to 35 J/cm² Up to 25 J/cm³ 35 x 14 mm  2 Hz 5°C
SRA Plus 470-980 nm Up to 35 J/cm² Up to 25 J/cm³  35 x 14 mm  2 Hz  5°C
SRA mini 470-980 nm Up to 35 J/cm²  Up to 25 J/cm³ 15 x 14 mm 1 Hz 5°C
Platform Weight 40 kg / 88 lbs
Platform Size [W x D x H] 54 x 52.5 x 140 cm / 21.5 x 22 x 55.2 in
Electrical Specifications 100 - 240 VAC

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