Candela profound 

This unique system provides a nonsurgical alternative to ageing skin. It uses radiofrequency injectable energy to provide wrinkle reduction and reduce cellulite. 

Candela Profound can

  • Rebuild the skin matrix with upto
    • Up to 5x more elastin
    • up to 2x more collagen and
    • increased hyaluronic acid

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Candela Profound
Candela Profound 2
Candela Profound 3

As we age we know that skin loses its elasticity and the reason behind this are as follows

  • Collagen levels decrease year on year
  • Elastin production stops
  • Hyaluronic acid diminishes

The solution is simple Candela Profound it presents a solution that is

  • less painful than surgery
  • non-invasive
  • Alternative to toxins and fillers
  • Manageable downtime

The Candela Profound® system provides a non-surgical alternative

What will the Candela Profound offer your business? 

The Candela Profound can fill the gap between either injectibles or surgery with a non-invasive approach. It can help you and your business
  • Gain new patients
  • Retain existing patients who do not want surgery
  • Increase revenue with other complementary procedures and treatments such as IPL.

 Facts that make the Candela Profound a must have device

  • Clinically proven to treat all 3 causes of ageing skin with
    • More elastin
    • More collagen
    • More hyaluronic acid
  • RF microneedling for face and body
  • Only one treatment required to start seeing the benefits
  • 100% response rate fro wrinkle treatment
  • 94% response rate for improvement of cellulite even after one treatment
  • Temperature-controlled RF microneedling 
  • Proven in comprehensive clinical studies

Dermal Handpiece

• Treats the Dermal layer, between 1-2 mm
• Single-use cartridge with 5 pairs of micro-needles
• Cold plate for epidermal protection

SubQ Handpiece

• Treats the Subcutaneous layer, between 2.9-5.8 mm
• Single-use cartridge with 7 pairs of micro-needles
• Treats adipose tissue

both handpieces are Single-use with sterile treatment cartridge consisting of five ors even pairs of bi-polar micro-needles, each pair with independent temperature control.

Bi-polar Radio Frequency 460 ± 5 kHz
Maximum Output Voltage 84 VRMS; 5W per channel
Channels 5 independent bi-polar channels
Mode PID temperature control
Target Temperature Range 65-75˚C (149 – 167˚F) ± 1˚C
Treatment Duration 3-5 seconds, 0.2 second increments
User Interface GUI – color touch screen
System Dimensions 125 x 46.5 x 44.5 centimeters
29.5 x 18.5 x 17.5 inches
System Weight 23 kg / 55 lbs
Electrical Requirements 100 – 240 VAC; 2.5 A; 50-60 Hz; single phase

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