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The Cynosure Acclaim Aesthetic laser is a solid state Nd:YAG laser that is effective for laser hair removal on all skin types which includes tanned Skin. Nd:YAG is considered the gold standard for dark skin hair removal been both safe and effective.

A solid state Nd:YAG can also deliver exceptional results on vascular lesions including facial and leg veins.

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cynosure acclaim
cynosure acclaim
cynosure acclaim cynosure acclaim


The Cynosure Acclaim aesthetic laser utilises Cynosures in-depth knowledge and experience with the Nd:YAG laser. This provides a robust and highly efficient system for multiple treatment applications.

The treatment options available with the Cynosure Acclaim laser are as follows.

  • Hair removal on all skin types but is gold standard for darker skin types or tanned skin
  • Vascular lesions. The 1064nm wavelength is high in absorption with blood making ideal for spider veins and leg veins.


The Cynosure Acclaim laser has the ability to select numerous treatment parameters, making it easy to customise the procedures for individual hair and skin types to ensure optimal results.

The treatment parameter available for adjustment are

  • Spot size
  • Pulse width
  • Energy
  • Speed


The Cynosure Acclaim laser has a high peak power and the ability to alter the pulse width allowing you to safely and effectively treat a variety of clients.

For fine hair it is imperative that to delivery enough energy to destroy the follicle whilst protecting the rest of the skin.

Grow your laser

As your business expands and your patient’s expectations grow it is possible to upgrade the Cynosure Acclaim to a Cynosure Elite with the addition of an Alexandrite laser module.

It is important as an added extra with the Cynosure Acclaim to have a Skin cooling system that works in conjunction with the laser for safety and patient comfort.

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