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Cynosure Revlite SI

Built with the help of ConBio's q-switch technology comes the Cynosure Revlite SI and upgrade version of the Cynosure Revlite. It is a multi-wavelength q switch laser for the treatment of multi coloured tattoos and pigmentations as well as some aesthetic procedures. The system provides great

  • Efficacy
  • Power
  • Comfort
  • Treatment capabilities 

Power and versatility 

The Cynosure RevLite delivers q switch 1064nm and 532nm, with dye handpieces increasing the capabilities to offer 585nm and 650nm wavelengths. This allows you to target all colours of tattoo as well as performing other treatments such as

  • non-ablative skin resurfacing
  • wrinkle reduction
  • Acne scarring
  • epidermal lesions 
  • melasma

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Revlite SI
cynosure Revlite
Cynosure Revlite SI

Cynosure RevLite SI offers complete precision with the smart infinite SI handpiece

This handpiece offers 0.1 micro- adjustments to the spot size. This enables you to select the largest spot size with the highest fluence. This results in faster more efficient treatments. 

The spot size is automatically feedback to the laser control system making it quick and easy to change 

Multiple wavelengths for multi coloured tattoo removal 

  • 1064nm to target dark colours
  • 532nm to target Red
  • 585nm to target sky blues delivered via a dye crystal handpiece
  • 650nm to target green delivered via a dye crystal handpiece 



Cynosure Revlite SI’s advanced technology includes:

  • SmartInfinite Handpiece
  • Dye Handpiece 585 nm 
  • Dye Handpiece 650nm

In addition, options accessories include:

  • 532 Lite Handpiece - This handpiece is used for treating pigmented lesions at very low fluences, still with the precision to offer 0.1 micro- adjustments to the spot size
  • PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse - This technology takes power and short pulse width even further by dispersing the energy in very narrow pulse-widths at peak power. This is used for the efficient treatment of unwanted pigments. 
  • Precision Beam Technology



The Cynosure RevLite SI has the option of 

  • Multiple spot sizes
  • 585nm dye handpiece
  • 650nm dye handpiece

Many clients will often use a cooling system alongside the Cynosure Revlite SI, for patient comfort and cooling of the skin

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