Smartxide laser from Deka are a range of laser systems that offer 

C02 10600nm laser as well as optional radio frequency depending on the model.

The range of models are:

Smartxide Punto an entry level CO2 laser

Smartxide Touch DOT/RF CO₂ Laser with Radiofrequency (RF) and CO₂ Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency

SmartXide Touch V²LR  The CO₂ Laser System Purposely Designed for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment

SmartXide² DOT/RF Multifunctional CO₂ Laser Empowered with Radiofrequency (RF) Source and CO₂ Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency

SmartXide² V²LR The Original Breakthrough Fractional CO₂ Laser System for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment

SmartXide DOT® SmartXide DOT®is the only CO₂laser that works through pulsed emission, utilising two innovative technologies: SmartPulse and SmartStack.

see video for Monalisa touch


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Smartxide Punto

This laser has been designed for the aesthetic and dermatology market and is an entry level system. SmartXide Punto is capable of treating complex cases safely, such as scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles. 

PSD technology The core of Smartxide Touch laser is PSD technology. A fractional pulse in various pulse shapes, durations and energies. The pulses are smartpulse, deka pulse and high pulse. this allows the user to modulate of ablation and thermal denaturation to every patients’ needs and treatments.

Smart stack function it is possible to perform a number of subsequent pulses in the same place (DOT) ranging from 1 to 5 offering Perfect control of thermal effect and Precise control of the vaporization depth.

Smartxide Touch/RF

Designed for Aesthetics, Dermatological and gynaecology with MonaLisa Touch treatment please see here for monalisa touch laser and laser-assisted hair transplantation.

Again using PSD technology and smart stack function but with the addition smart pulse. The addition of Bipolar Radiofrequency enhances the Co2 treatment by 

  • Remodeling Tissue 
  • Toning 
  • Stimulating new collagen and fibroblasts

Results in Quicker recover and accelerated dermal tissue healing

Smartxide V²LR 

The CO₂ Laser System Purposely Designed for the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment see here for monalisa touch laser

D -pulse technology specification for Monalisa touch ensuring maximum effectiveness (by using the right penetration depth) without any side effects (control of thermal effect).

SmartXide² DOT/RF

Multifunctional CO₂ Laser Empowered with Radiofrequency (RF) Source and CO₂ Scanner with Bipolar Radiofrequency. Used with HiScan Dot and Tricoscan in aesthetic medicine and dermatologic surgery.



Key Features

  • Massive treatment range with numerous different systems
  • Treatments range from
    • Gynaecology
    • Skin Surgery
    • Anti-Aging & Wrinkles
    • Scars
    • Pigmented Lesions
    • Skin Tightening
  • Personalised pulse shaping
  • Maximum control
  • Smart stacking function
  • PSD technology
  • CO2 scanners
  • Option RF
  • Laser hair transplantation with Tricoscan

HiScan DOT

HiScan DOT, with its 1,570,350 different combinations of parameters, is the most flexible scanner in the market.


CO₂ fractional laser scanning system designed to prepare the skin for follicular transplant.

CO₂ Surgical Laser Handpieces

CO₂ surgical handpieces are available for all the models of Smartxide² and the Smartxide²’s 

HiScan V2LR - MonaLisa Kit

MonaLisa Touch® requires the HiScan V2LR scanner system to deliver fractionated laser energy to the vaginal mucosa. 

MonaLisa Touch 90°

HiScan V2LR scanner system may also integrate two optional 90° probes (16 mm and 23 mm) for incontinence treatments. 

MonaLisa Touch - 360° single use

HiScan V2LR scanner system may also integrate a single use 360° probe for MonaLisa Touch® procedures.


See below technical date for Smartxide2. Each product specification can be found within the individual brochures