Ellipse Nordlys 

The Nordlys laser was originally built by Ellipse, until Candela and Syneron acquired Ellipse as a company. The Nordlys boast an impressive array of technology for a variety of applications.

The core behind the Ellipse Nordlys laser is the presence of 3 different sources of laser energy

  • Ellipse IPL
  • Frax 1550
  • Nd:YAG 1054nm 

In fact, with all its applications the Ellipse Nordlys is equivalent to around 6 stand-alone devices in one easy to use laser device. This impressive array of laser and light handpieces means you have the potential to grow your business, and offers a great return on investment at low running costs.

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Ellipse Nordlys
Nordlys laser

Ellipse Nordlys device technology?

Ellipse IPL

For many years Ellipse has been regarded as one of the best IPL systems on the market. It is defined by its dual filters and sub-millisecond pulse range. With all this, the user can delivery exceptional results with the ellipse IPL on

  1. Photorejuvenation
  2. Vascular treatments
  3. Hair removal   &
  4. Much more

Frax 1550

Here the Nordlys by Ellipse uses fractional laser technology at 1550nm to offer a range of resurfacing treatments that include:

  • scarring
  • acne scarring
  • stretch marks

Nd:YAg 1064nm 

The 1064nm Nd:YAG wavelength  is the optimal and safe wavelength for the treatment of

  1. vascular lesions
  2. Hair removal on dark skins
  3. Onychomycosis
  4. Much more


This technology is where the Ellipse Nordly platform system sends a stream of cold air to the area of treatment. This adds to the patient experience with added comfort and can be used during both Nd:YAg and Frax 1550 treatments

What do the experts say

Ellipse Nordlys laser System

The Ellipse Nordlys aesthetic platform workstation has a wide variety of uses with over 21 preset aesthetic and dermatology settings to help both build and grow your aesthetic business. 

Easy to use

The Ellipse Nordlys laser is equipped with 'application modes' that means the user can be a novice or experienced but still get the best for the system.

The modes are:

  • Guided- These are for new users with settings present
  • Expert - This allows the user to control the settings and maximise the outcomes. Users can alter:
    • Pulse train
    • Frequency
    • Spot Size
    • Energy
    • Pulse width
  • Combination mode - Where the device delivers a mix IPL, Nd:YAG and Frax 1550 treatments to offer stand-out results.
  • Pulse Definition mode -Allowing the user to define the shape of pulse trains

Key benefits of the Ellipse Nordlys

  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, arm 
  • flexible cables to aid movement and ergonomics
  • Tray for keeping all accessories close to hand
  • Quiet operation mode
  • Remote service assistance
  • In-built patient database 


For the treatment of Safe and effective hair removal  

Applicators are as follows:

  • Standard size HR 600 (600-950nm, 10x48mm)
  • Large HRL 600 (600-950nm, 18x48mm)
  • HRD 645 (645nm-950nm) is for hair removal in skin types IV-VI.


For the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions 

  • VLS 555 small spot applicator you can treat small areas accurately 
  • Combination treatment with the VL(S) 555 IPL applicator followed by the Frax 1550 laser produces an even better result with less treatments.

PR(S) 530 Ellipse IPL Applicators

for the treatment of photorejuvenation and some vascular and pigmented lesions  

  • PRS 530 small spot applicator you can treat small areas accurately. 
  • Combination treatment with the PR(S) 530 Ellipse IPL applicator followed by the Frax 1550 application for unrivalled results with less treatments needed


The PL 400 Ellipse IPL handpiece is for Photodynamic Therapy including applications for   

  • acne
  • photo rejuvenation
  • pigmented lesions.


The Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064nm laser handpiece is used for the treatment of 

  • leg veins,
  • facial telangiectasias,
  • reticular vessels,
  • port wine stains,
  • venous lakes,
  • onychomycosis,
  • warts.


An easy-to-use fractional non-ablative laser with high clinical efficacy and low downtimes.

Frax 1550 nm Ellipse laser handpiece is designed to be used for 

  • non-ablative skin resurfacing (including texture, fine lines and wrinkles),
  • stretch marks,
  • acne scars and
  • surgical scars.

tech specs

tech specs

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