Ellipse Sirius

The Ellipse Sirius IPL is now being distributed by Candela and Syneron since the buy-out of Ellipse. The Ellipse Sirius laser is a multi-application platform system that utilises the world renowned Ellipse IPL with dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses. This all leads the Ellipse Sirius system been able to offer treatments such as:

  • Photorejuvenation
  • Hair removal
  • Facial veins
  • sun damaged skin

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Ellipse Sirius
Sirius by Ellipse

Advanced technology makes for optimal and comfortable treatments

Using Ellipse IPL technology the Sirius is able to call upton 2 of the renowned technologies that have made ellipse famous within the aesthetic industry.
  • Ellipse’s unique Dual Mode Filtering

This technology will eliminate the unused and not necessary and potential harmful wavelengths from the treatment making the procedure safer and optimal. 

  • Square Pulse Technology

This technology means energy is delivered in a homogeneous manner and constant throughout the duration of the pulses, avoiding hot spots and risk of unwanted side effects.


Key Benefits of Ellipse Sirius platform system

  • Option of upto 5 different handpiece to maximise treatment options 
  • Guided mode
    •  in built presets for everyday easy use for all levels of Aesthetician 
  • Latest intuitive touch screen technology
  • In-built patient database for easy to access data
  • Quiet usage 
  • Economical operation
  • Remote service assistance
  • great return on investment from
    • wide range of treatment applications
    • faster treatments
    • comfortable treatments
    • Large and small applicators for easy of treatment of all area
    • Low running costs


Safe and effective for the treatment of hair removal with 3 different applicators within this range 

  • Standard size HR 600 (600-950nm, 10x48mm)
  • Large HRL 600 (600-950nm, 18x48mm)
  • HRD 645 (645nm-950nm) is for hair removal in skin types IV-VI


safe and effective for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions 

  • VLS 555 small spot applicator you can treat small areas accurately 

Combination treatment with the VL(S) 555 IPL applicator followed by the Frax 1550 laser produces an even better result with less treatments.

We do not currently have the specifications of the Ellipse Sirius multiple application aesthetic workstation.

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