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Gynaecology laser have seen a dramatic rise over the last few years and is predicted to be one of the biggest growth areas in medical lasers. Fotona have been in laser gynaecology since its inception 15 years ago and are now at the forefront of technology and research with their innovative Er:YAG (erbium yag) laser.

The Fotona Smooth XS laser is able to perform a variety of treatments with

  • proven clinic results
  • Great patient comfort
  • Fast healing times
  • Reduced downtime 

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Smooth XS
Smooth XS laser
Fotona Gynaecology laser


Fotona XS Smooth uses  Er:YAG wavelength in a single, versatile, multi-functional laser to be able to perform a wide range of treatments for gynaecological and dermatological conditions.

Fotona uses its innovative Er:YAG laser technology and its unique disinfectant capability for the treatment of 

  • Lesions of the uterine neck
  • Lesions of the Vagina
  • HPV lesions
  • Pigmentations 
  • Neoplasias 

Er:YAG is highly absorbed within water which is the target chromophore for skin conditions. This means with Fotona Er;YAg you can precision ablate the target area without affecting the surrounding tissue causing very little thermal conduction.

Fotona uses VSP (variable pulse technology) to be able to deliver both warm and cold ablation of the tissue and well as tuning the thermal conduction. This technology allows the the treatment of  

  • Intimalase
    •  a unique, Er:YAG laser treatment for non-invasive photo-thermal tightening of the vaginal canal.It uses Fotona Smooth mode technology to generate a thermal affect the vaginal mucosa stimulating new collagen growth and remodelling of vaginal canal creating a tightening effect. 

  • Incontilase
    •  non-invasive Er:YAG laser therapy for the treatment of mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence, It uses Fotona Smooth mode technology to thermally stimulate collagen neogenesis, shrinking and tightening of vaginal mucosa tissue and subsequently providing greater support to the bladder.

  • Renovalase 
    •  non-invasive 2940nm Er:YAG laser therapy for the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. It uses Fotona Smooth mode technology to thermally treat the vaginal canal to stimulate angio-genesis, fibroblast activity and new collagen formation. The final result is increased epithelial thickness,  vascularisation of the lamina propria as well as  a reduction of symptoms such as dryness, itching, irritation and dyspareunia.
  • Prolaplase
    • An innovative and unique non-invasive Er:YAG laser alternative for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse. It uses Fotona Smooth mode technology to thermally treat the vaginal canal and to tighten the tissue and contract the vaginal canal. 

Fotona Smooth mode - An Er:YAG treatment modality that delivers laser energy onto the skin in a fast sequence of low-fluence laser pulses inside an overall super-long pulse of 200-350 msec. This causes a gentle heating of the tissue without ablation.

Ease of Use and key features

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Memory presents
  • Gynaecological handpieces
  • Different operating modes
  • Unrivalled Ablation and Coagulation Control 
  • Fotona's SMOOTH Mode Technology
  • VSP (Variable Square Pulse) Technology

Patented Solutions for Ultimate Safety and Precision 

The Fotona XS Smooth offers

  • VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology is a for generating square laser pulses for more controlled energy absorption. Square-shaped laser pulses avoid the slow rise, and even longer drop-off in pulse power associated with standard laser technologies.


  • EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology is a core safety feature. This is monitoring system so that the energy of the pulse delivered exactly what the user has chosen on the screen.


Designed to the highest standard using top end materials like gold and titanium the Fotona range of handpieces offers innovative ways to delivery the laser energy to the treatment area to achieve optimal results

G-runner scanner -  Automatic, precise and carefully controlled delivery of laser energy to the vaginal canal for more homogeneous coverage of the vaginal mucosa. 

PS03 - Variable spot size handpiece, with fixed pixel-size. The fluence in each pixel is set by selecting the fluence value on the host laser system display. The PS03 is also designed for use with specialised gynaecological adaptors for performing minimally invasive gynaecological procedures.

Ro9 -2G - This multi-functional, collimated Er:YAG handpiece with a 4 mm spot size comes with a detachable and sterilizable tube specifically for gynaecological procedure.

RO8-Ti - Surgical Er:YAG handpiece has a 0.45 mm spot size at a focal distance determined by its spacer.

R-11 - This straight Er:YAG handpiece has variable spot sizes from 2 to 7 mm and is designed for use with specialised gynaecological adaptors for performing minimally invasive gynaecological procedures.

G Set - The G-Set contains a laser speculum and angular + circular golden-mirror adaptors for use with the PS03 and R11 handpieces. The G-Set is designed for performing minimally invasive gynaecological treatments.

SClear Speculum - A transparent, single-use vaginal speculum designed to be used with G-Set for Fotona’s minimally invasive SMOOTH™ laser gynaecology treatments.

Optional extra - Wireless footswitch 

  FotonaSmooth™ XS




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