XS Dynamis

Fotona XS Dynamis laser

The Fotona XS Dynamis is a fully customisable Er:YAG laser (erbium) which represents a complete rejuvenation and resurfacing solution. It has a range of modes to allow alteration of the depth of laser peels; as well as offering, non-ablative treatments, ablative treatments and fractional treatments.

Complete resurfacing solution

With the addition of the Fotona XS Dynamis you can be an artist of the aesthetic and dermatology arena, providing anti-ageing solutions from the inside-out. The Fotona XS dynamis boast over 20 treatment presets to help you achieve your patients dream healthy skin. The system allows complete control over the depth of ablation and the coagulation to achieving tailored results. 

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Fotona XS Dynamis
Fotona XS Dynamis screen
XS dynamis

PULSE MODES for resurfacing

The Fotona XS Dynamis laser offers a range of scanners and fractional handpieces to deliver multiple types of pulses optimised for the treatments. Er:YAG is highly absorbed in water which is target chromophore for resurfacing. This means you can treat with unrivalled precision, with little thermal conduction making it safe to use with limited post-treatment downtime. 

  • Fotona Turbo modeAn Er:YAG treatment modality that enables very large ablation depths to be achieved by stacking multiple pulses on the same treatment area.
  • Fotona SMooth mode - An Er:YAG treatment modality that delivers laser energy onto the skin in a fast sequence of low-fluence laser pulses inside an overall super-long pulse of 200-350 msec. This causes a gentle heating of the tissue without ablation


The Fotona XS dynamis laser offers both:

  • VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology - for generating square laser pulses for more controlled energy absorption. 


  • EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology - a core safety feature. This is monitoring system so that the energy of the pulse delivered is exactly what the user has chosen on the screen.

Fractional Scanning

A standout feature of the Fotona XS Dynamis is the ability to add the F-Runner fractional scanner. This allows ultimate control and you can decide upon the intensity coupled with the potential downtimes of that intensity to the patient. The F- Runner fractional scanner drills micro-channels in the skin to initiate a healing response which is turn stimulates new collagen and elastin. The surrounding tissue are unaffected which helps to promote a rapid healing response. 

Full Field Scanning 

The S-Runner like the F-runner is a computerised scanning system offering full-field ablation. The S-Runner offers treatments options from light to deep peel as as as thermal and cold ablation 

Pigmented lesions made to look easy 

As well as offering a range of resurfacing treatments the fotona XS dynamis with its E:YAG (erbium YAG) laser has a range of other applications with aesthetic and dermatology one of which is pigmented lesions

The Fotona XS laser has the ability to gentle ablate the epidermis and superficial dermis in a controlled and more of less bloodless environment. 

Gynaecology laser

Fotona is also promoting Er:YAG, and as such the Fotona XS dynamis, to treatment a range of conditions in laser gynaecology including:

  • Vaginal lesions
  • HPV lesions
  • Pigmentation
  • Neoplasias
  • Laser stress urianry icontinence
  • Laser vaginal tightening
  • Laser Vaginal atrophy

Range of features

  • Complete resurfacing and anti-ageing platform
  • Full field scanning
  • Fractional scanning
  • Ablation control
  • coagulation control
  • Smooth Technology
  • Turbo technology 
  • Presets for range of conditions



Designed to the highest standard using top end materials like gold and titanium the Fotona range of handpieces offers innovative ways to delivery the laser energy to the treatment area to achieve optimal results

T Runner - Specially designed for Fotona tightsculpting procedure.  

F-22 scanner -  Computer-controlled scanning device, specially-developed to administer sharp fractional treatments unrivalled precision and accuracy. 

S-22 scanner - For full-field Er:YAG resurfacing.

PSO1 - A unique fractional Er:YAG treatment modality. Energy of each individual pixel to gradually diminish from the centre to the outer edge of each pixel offering a "soft fractional" effect. 

PS02 - Minimally ablative, fractional treatment effect to Fotona's 9 basic VSP Er:YAG ablative treatment regimes. 

PS03 - Variable spot size handpiece, with fixed pixel-size. The fluence in each pixel is set by selecting the fluence value on the host laser system display.

Smooth Touch LA - A unique intra-oral angular adaptor designed to facilitate easier positioning of the laser beam during Fotona 4D treatments.

PSO4-Ti - Safely and effectively deliver Fotona's VSP Er:YAG laser to the treatment area. 

PSO8-Ti - Surgical Er:YAG handpiece has a 0.45 mm spot size at a focal distance determined by its spacer. 

R09-2RO9-3 - Er:YAG handpiece is a multi-functional, collimated handpiece with a 4 mm spot size. 

Ro9 -2G - This multi-functional, collimated Er:YAG handpiece with a 4 mm spot size comes with a detachable and sterilisable tube specifically for gynaecological procedures.

R11 - Straight Er:YAG handpiece has a variable spot sizes from 2 to 7 mm.

FS01- Er:YAG dermatological, fractional, straight handpiece with a matrix of 9x9 equidistant pixels covering an area of 8.8 mm square.

Optional extra - Wireless footswitch 

Optional extra - Zimmer cold air cooler

Optional extra - Suction unit


XS Dynamis


3 J


F-Runner, S-Runner


Full-field, Fractional, SMOOTH, TURBO

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