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Lumenis UltraPulse CO2 laser

A powerful Co2 laser stretching the limits of performance

The Lumenis Ultrapulse laser laser is a highly penetrative aesthetic ablative Co2 laser. It combines its power with versatility to make it a perfect tool in everyday aesthetic procedures and more advanced aesthetic procedures
The Lumenis UltraPulse laser offers  UltraPulse technology, enabling the deep and safest treatments, as well as a full range of advanced capabilities for fractional and full resurfacing.

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Lumenis Ultrapulse Co2
Lumenis ultrapulse Full
Lumenis ultrapulse

Lumenis Ultrapulse Co2 laser with state-of-the-art technology

The CO2 laser offers deep and safe treatment options with the further advancements of fractional land full resurfacing. 

Wave capabilities of the Lumenis ultrapulse Co2 laser
Continuous Pulse

Ablation & Coagulation 

If the ablation depth of the laser is equal, more energy delivered results in excess heat to the tissues. The Lumenis ultrapulse laser technology offers deep penetration with low energy.

This technology results in:

  • less discomfort
  • less downtime
  • less thermal damage

DeepFX and Active FX fractional laser modes

  • Precision
  • versatile
  • Resurfacing
  • Coolscan for enhanced patient comfort

Coagulate and ablate

  • This offers optimal clinical outcome with minimal heating
  • Proven clinical studies 

SCARR FX mode 

  • Deep resurfacing
  • upto 4mm in single pulse
  • Ideal for treatment deep lesions

Short pulsing

  • Faster than the relaxation time of tissues
  • minimal thermal damage



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