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Lutronic Action II including Petit lady

The lutronic action II laser is a multifunctional aesthetic platform system delivering Er:YAG laser technology. 

The action II can be as a stand alone fractional laser or as 

Action II - Petit lady to offer gynaecological treatments, 


Lutronic Action II -petit laser

Is a gynaecological laser using safe and effective Er:YAG for laser gynaecological procedures in vaginal rejuvenation. Er:YAG is highly absorbed in water meaning you can precisely ablate the epithelium and control the thermal effect. This micro-pulse technology is followed by a longer pulse which stimulates neocollagenesis in the vaginal mucosa. 

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Lutronic Action II

The Lutronic Action II uses a multi stacking fractional technology for skin rejuvenation and the shining Peel. It allows the user to control depth of ablation and coagulation for a virtually painless procedure.

Fractional mode is available in either fractional or long pulse modes ensuring a rapid healing time and minimal downtime. 

Shining Peel

This technique is used for the treatment of wrinkles, large pores and rejuvenation. The procedure requires no anesthesia and is very safe with limited downtime. The procedure gently stimulates collagen remodelling by delivery very controlled and precise amounts of laser energy to the skin whilst not immediately ablating the epidermis. This ensures there is also less risk of PIH with the outer epidermal layer gently  gradually peeling off.  

Lutronic Action II - Petit lady technology 

The Lutronic Action II laser is the ideal tool for laser gynaecology to treat a variety of conditions and disorders as well as offering aesthetic procedures. 

Issues that require laser gynaecology intervention could be either from childbirth or the natural ageing process. The Er:YAG laser delivers a non-surgical solution that can be used to improve many of these symptoms and disorders. The procedures is non-invasive and avoids surgery whilst offering little discomfort or downtime. 

The laser energy is delivered to the vaginal wall to cause a tightening effect by the stimulation of collagen. The technique uses precision ablation of the selected area in short pulses of photothermal energy. This is then followed in second pass by a non-ablative long pulse to stimulate collagen production

Key features of Lutronic Action II - Petit lady 

  • Safe procure
  • Comfortable procedure with no need for anaesthesia
  • No bleeding
  • No Pain
  • No scarring
  • Treats a variety of conditions such as
    • Vaginal laxity
    • Vaginal atrophy
    • Stress urinary incontinence 
    • Pigmentation 
    • Improving post-delivery vaginal alterations
    • Normalising discharge
    • Calming burning or itching sensations
  • Interactive interface
    • easy setup
    • presets
    • enhance efficiency 

Key features of Lutronic Action II 

  • Treats a variety of conditions such as
    • Wrinkles
    • Acne scarring
    • Scarring
    • Large pores 
    • Skin toning
    • Fractional rejuvenation
    • Shining Peel 
  • User selection of 
    • Depth and
    • Coagulation ensuring a virtually painless procedure
  • Three operation modes
    • Normal
    • Fractional
    • fractional long pulse
  • Adjustable aiming beam
  • Auto-detection of handpieces
  • Range of handpieces

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