Onda- Bodycountouring by Deka - distributed by Lynton lasers

The Onda system, which is being manufactured by Deka lasers and distributed by Lynton laser, is the worlds first Cool Waves device for body contouring and fat reduction treatments.

The unique microwave technology is designed to bypass the uppers layers of skin, and in doing so deliver more energy to the subcutaneous fat cells. This technology increases the chances of causing the fat cell to be destroyed. The other big advantage of this technology is that it reduces heating of the surface tissue resulting in a safe treatment, with fewer side-effects and consumable-use than some of the other technologies on the market today. 

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Onda by Deka/Lynton laser Body contouring

The onda system works in 3 different ways to achieve fantastic body contouring results:

  1. Targeting and destroying Fat- The Coolwaves (microwaves) from the onda system penetrate deeply to disrupt the cell membranes of fat cells. This is then removed by the stimulation of the metabolic process.
  2. Targeting and destroying connective tissues between the adipose lobules, Coolwaves has a dramatic effect on the advanced stages of cellulite
  3. The Coolwaves systems causes a reduction in the collagen fibres that are found in the dermis which causes a stimulation of new collagen. resulting in the tightening and anti ageing effect. 

This latest technology by Deka is very unique and different to other technologies on the market today. It uses microwaves at 2.45GHz which is greatly absorbed for fat molecules not the skin surface. it causes no heat in the dermis which helps penetrate direct to the target results in fantastic results. 

In fat 80% of the energy penetrates to the fat layers whereas 20% is in a thermal superficial effect

Comfort and safety 

The onda system has two handpieces that are different in the depth of penetration. So each handpieces is specific for a different area of the body. 

The handpiece also comes with contact cooling to help cool the surface of the skin and avoid any side effects. 

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Key Features of Onda by Deka/Lynton laser

  • Microwaves bypass upper skin layers to target the fat layers
  • No Consumables 
  • Few complications
  • Fantastic for reducing cellulite
  • Contact Cooling for safety and patient comfort
  • Led guiding on handpieces to provide an intuitive guide to operator
  • simple and user friendly

The Onda systems comes with two handpiece for deep and shallow targeting solutions 




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