Perma Range of laser and aesthetics

PermaICE Quattro



  • High powered 2400w diode laser
  • Simultaneous high powered contact cooling
  • 4 wavelengths in one handpiece
    • Alexandrite 755nm
    • Diode 808nm
    • Nd:YAG 1064nm
    • 940 nm Diode
  • Glide and stamp technology and stack technology
  • 2 Handpieces plus facial tip 
    • 30mm x15mm
    • 15mmx15mm

This latest of the PermaICE range of lasers is available as a

  • Rental
  • 0% finance over 1 year
  • Lease agreement 

and comes with

  • 3 year warranty
  • Delivery and installation
  • Training

It is registered with the MHRA as a medical CE device

Laser hair removal is ever popular with ever increasing demand. The permaICE Quattro is the latest laser of the Perma range and offers something very unique. Four wavelengths in 2 separate handpieces.  

72 hour call out guarantee

We only require you to have 1 service per year to maintain the full warranty! Industry leading support package.

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permaICE Quattro diode laser
4 wavelength diode laser

The permaICE Quattro is a multi wavelength diode laser offer the latest technology with 4 wavelengths in one handpiece. The high powered energy is delivered simultaneously to the skin targeting different structures within the hair follicle.

The simultaneous laser delivery of multi wavelengths is paramount to achieving the best possible results. (808nm, 755nm, 1064nm and 940nm).

The 3 main target areas are the Bulge, Bulb and Papilla.

  • The 808nm wavelength can reach the dermal papilla which is deep penetration of the hair follicle. 808nm has a moderate melanin absorption making it relatively safe for all skin types including darker skins (except skin type 6). Its deep penetration capabilities target also the bulb and bulb of the hair follicle.
  • The Alexandrite 755nm wavelength offers more powerful energy absorption by melanin making it ideal for most hair types and hair colour and is especially useful for lighter hairs and thinner hairs. The 755nm wavelength targets the bulge of the hair follicle.
  • The Nd:Yag 1064nm wavelength is characterized by lower melanin absorption making it more focused for darker skin types. The Nd:Yag also offers the deepest penetration for the hair follicle allowing it to target the bulb and Papilla. Higher water absorption generates a higher temperature increasing the thermal profile of the laser treatment for most effective hair removal.
    The Diode laser 940nm has a characteristic to reach deep and it is possible to remove hair efficiently.
    It is a medical laser that is effective in eliminating inflammation.

The combination of the these characteristics with the correct pulse duration ensures thermal damage to the target tissues of the hair follicle leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.

By providing the correct energy density it ensures energy output is strong enough and long enough to damage the target tissue. The use of epidermal protection in the form of cooling ensures the protection of the patient during the treatment

  • The "Gold standard" diode laser hair removal 
  • 4 wavelengths in one handpiece
  • Fast repetition rates upto 15Hz
  • USA imported military bar Diode
  • German medical CE approval
  • FDA approved
  • Intuitive software and easy to use
  • intelligence and expert modes
  • Glide and stamp technology as well as Stack
  • Adjustable grid sizes
  • Countdown timer to ensure optimal treatment
  • Maximum treatment comfort
  • Multiple spot sizes
    • 30x15mm
    • 15x15mm
    • 8mm facial tip

With the PermaICE Quattro Diode laser we offer the 4 most effective wavelengths for hair removal in one handpiece.


Each wavelength targets a different structure within the hair follicle; the anatomic targets are bulge, bulb and papilla

All lasers when purchased outright or rented come with:

36 month warranty on system and handpiece

Accredited training course

Delivery and installation

2 Handpieces and facial tip

2 pairs laser glasses

1 pair patient goggles

New handpieces are charged at £7000 + VAT and come with a 15 million within 3 years warranty y 

Technical Specification

Wavelength 808+755+940+1064nm
The Light Guide Crystal Sapphire
Spot Size1 15x15mm (1200W) & Facial tip 8 mm (optional)
Spot Size 2 15x30mm (2400W)
Repetition Frequency 1 ~ 15HZ
Cooling System Water to Air with integral TEC Cooling
Net Weight 85kg
Package Size 60x60x117cm


12 month rental contract

£1100 + VAT per month

3 months upfront payment

At option stage option to buy with 50% of rentals refunded off purchase price

0% finance

  • Option 1

£13500 + VAT upfront

£13500 + VAT over 12 months (£1125 + VAT per month)

  • Option 2

£4000 + VAT deposit 

£1916.67 + VAT per month over 12 months

Any amount can be used in 0% finance from £4000 + VAT - £13500 + VAT

Lease payment 

  • No deposit options
  • 2-5 years

The more deposit the lower the monthly payment

All finance options are subject to credit approval.

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