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The Quanta Thunder series of lasers is a new addition to the stunning Quanta portfolio. The Quanta Thunder laser is the ultimate tool for laser hair-removal for both a start-up aesthetic practice and an already established aesthetic practice.

Every business needs a point of difference and with the Thunder series you have that in abundance. The Thunder series is designed to offer ultimate speed and client comfort but also offering additional revenue streams from other applications possible with the machine.

It is worth remembering that 46% of all light-based procedures performed in the UK are hair-removal, so this needs to be done right with no compromise, as the word of mouth alone will help you build your business and make it successful.

The Quanta Thunder is another range of lasers systems from Quanta that offer mixed technology the latest innovation in laser technology for hair removal and other treatments.

With the Thunder series you have the option of:

  • High powered Nd:YAG (1064nm) alone - the gold standard for dark skin type hair removal. This is achieved due to safety profile and bulk heating properties.
  • High powered Alexandrite (755nm) alone - the gold standards for light skin types and fine hairs. This is achieved by the high melanin absorption.
  • High powered Nd:YAG and Alexandrite - with the ability to fire individually or sequentially
  • High powered Nd:YAG and Alexandrite Mixed with the ability to fire individually , sequentially or with gold standard mixed technology.

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Quanta Thunder
Quanta Thunder close-up
Quanta Scanner with OptiScan

Mixed Technology

The Mixed Technology performs the largest range of hair removal applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments.

Until the evolution of the Quanta Duetto and now the Quanta Thunder; lasers have been restricted to delivery of one laser wavelength at a time. The mixed technology mode on the Quanta Thunder MT allows the user to deliver a mixture of the both Alexandrite 755nm (with high melanin absorption) and Nd:YAG 1064nm (with bulk heating effects targeting the germative cell), as the same time with varying proportions of each wavelength to suit the clinical needs.

This simultaneous emission allows ultimate hair-removal; targeting 2 different chromophores of the hair follicle at exactly the same time. Also, as both energies are delivered together, there is less thermal damage, so it provides the ultimate in safety for all skin type’s and all skin colours.

mixed tech

Sequential Emission is of great value in Vascular Treatments and Skin Rejuvenation.

In Vascular treatment for the removal of facial & leg telangiectasia, Mixed Technology achieves outstanding results using the lowest fluence, by taking advantage of the different absorption characteristics of different types of haemoglobin.

In Skin Rejuvenation, Alexandrite wavelength treatment of pigmentation is combined with the skin-tightening benefits of Nd:YAG in a single session, to significantly decrease of treatment times.

Optimized™ spot shape

The OptimisedTM Spot provides the larger skin coverage benefits of a square spot, while reducing the multiple overlap risks associated with the cross-over areas

optimised spot shape


This innovative Series represents the ideal solution for extremely fast hair removal all year round and efficient treatments of dermatological vascular lesions and skin rejuvenation..

The Thunder MT offers:

  • Two Gold Standard wavelengths in Mixed Emission
  • All skin types 1 -6
  • All hair types including fine
  • Improved results on light coloured hair.
  • Ultimate safety
  • Fastest Return on Investment
  • OptimisedTM Spot size
  • AutoMotionTM Technology
  • Optional Qool-air
  • Full body laser hair removal in under 1 hour
  • Scanning system 




Mixed TechnologyTM

Available in the Thunder MT version, this innovative technology is able to perform the largest range of hair removal applications, as well as vascular and rejuvenation treatments.
This boosted Mixed Technology allows the operators to perform hair removal even on middle-dark skin types with the maximum safety and effectiveness all year long.

Quanta Handpieces

Proprietary Technology is able to generate a new spot with super elliptical shape and optimized gaussian beam profile, to overcome the traditional spots’ limits related to different grades of overlapping in order to increase speed, safety and effectiveness of the treatment.


Qool-air is an exclusive skin cooling system available for the Quanta System Thunder Series. It is compatible with the Skin Cryo and Skin Cryo TH handpiece adaptors.
This compact and powerful system is also able to cool-down wide areas of skin for maximum treatment comfort and is controllable directly by the laser screen. Qool-air is the ideal solution to combine skin cooling power and maximum space saving.

OptiScan TH

The new scanner OptiScan TH provides extreme versatility with multiple configurations tailored to the clinical needs, by automatically delivering laser energy homogeneously on really wide areas to shorten treatment time, avoiding accidental pulse overlapping.
All the personalised treatment configuration such as areas, overlap, scanning modes and the Ready/Standby State of the
laser can be directly set from its integrated touch screen.

The OptiScan TH incorporates AutomotionTM Technology for No Pain Treatments, delivering maximum patient comfort as a result of lower fluences and higher repetition rates together with an integrated cooling



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