Why sell through us

Laser and Aesthetics brings together a wealth of experience in the laser and aesthetic market so we can offer help advice on the best on the best and most effective method to promote and sell your equipment. whether it is a laser or aesthetic device.  

Sell Equipment Why sell through us

When you buy a laser or aesthetic device it oftens costs thousands. Once you no longer have need for the aesthetic device or laser which could be for a variety of reasons such as you;

  • Want to upgrade
  • You need further versatility or different treatments
  • Your machine is old
  • Your business is closing

You want to get the best possible price for your equipment, look no further than LAser and aesthetics as we can help and we have numerous options available for you.


Option 1 - Advertise directly on our website your laser or aesthetic device and you take 100% of the income.

This means we are acting as an advertising platform for your equipment. We have lots of potential customers browsing our website every day as we are one of the only websites dedicated to laser and aesthetic equipment. We also advertise through facebook and social media so there is very good chance someone will see your equipment.

If they see your equipment and it is advertised at the right price and promoted correctly then a sale could be forthcoming. 

Things to included in the advert:

  • make and model
  • year of manufacturer
  • condition
  • usage
  • service history
  • Sale price
  • Good quality photographs
  • Location
  • Contact name and address
  • Additional items

Please fill in the form to list your equipment here. we can make amendments and offer advice at any stage. Interest potentially customers will contact you directly to discuss. The advert is live for 3 months and costs just £150 +VAT (just let us know when you sell it so we can remove the add and stop unwanted phone calls or emails). If it has no sold after 3 months you could re-list or look at part exchange or other options.

We take no commission fee from the sale, with payment being organised directly between yourself and your buyer. 

At a cost of £150 + VAT for up to 3 months of promotion, can you afford not to advertise to all these potential buyers?


Option 2 - Part exchange

Read our advice on part exchange and let us value your equipment for you against something newer. Contact us to discuss


Options 3 - Commissioned sale

Here instead of you dealing with all the potential clients we do the work for you. You still pay the advertising fee of £150 + VAT for 3 months but it is our contact details on the advert. We can offer many additional services to help with the sale and because it's what we do day in and day out we are more experienced than you and are more likely to secure a sale. We will actively promote your equipment, to anyone contacting us in the same way we sell our own systems, and not just rely on our marketing.

We charge 10% of the sale value for this process which we will agree with you, remember as well you get the final say on if your system is sold.

Why use a commissioned sale?

  • Set a realistic selling price for your system by studying the market and current trends
  • Being able to take the equipment as part exchange
  • Arrange demo’s with the client at your location, we will sometimes also attend the demo to assist. 
  • Store the equipment for you at a demo centre with one of our engineers.
  • Help arrange financing with our finance team if required
  • Arrange pickup and delivery or the system via our engineers
  • Service the system if required
  • Plus much more

We can also offer additional accessories that may not come with the system, such as laser hand-pieces and cooling systems.

Contact us to discuss your sale requirements