Current Legislation:

Many people do not realise but one the most important pieces of Uk legislation that applies to the use of laser and IPL is "The Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010".

This law was introduced in April 2010 and has the aim to protect both the users and clients forms the risks to health from potentially hazardous sources of artificial optical radiation (laser and IPL's).

Current Legislation:

You should remember that both business and individuals can be prosecuted if they cause injury or harm to persons as a result of the individual or business negligence. 

Everyone has " a duty of care" to others including work colleagues as well as clients. If a client or fellow worker suffers an adverse reaction then legal proceedings may be the end result. Any court will rely on an independent expert witness to examine the incident including

  • Is the person correctly and sufficiently trained in the use of the equipment
  • Does the person hold the necessary background qualifications
  • Is the person and or business correctly insured
  • Does the equipment meet the CE standards
  • Has the equipment been professional maintained (see our service section)
  • Are your local rules in place if required
  • Do you use an expert registered healthcare professional

Make sure you comply with all of the above. We at laser and aesthetics can cover all your laser training as well as your aesthetic training. If you buy any device directly from us or rent any device it will have the necessary medical CE certification and come with product training.

We can also help for all our customers with the local rules from one of our protection advisors. 

We can advice on insures we can suggest.

Contact us to discuss or indeed read our help section on business startup 

The Future:

New training standards- Guidelines came into force in 2018 from Health Education England but only to areas of UK that have Bye-Laws and regulatory bodies to enforce them. This was to try and reduce the number of injuries as a result of cosmetic treatments. 

These are only guidelines are not yet law and to help with this process a new organisation called "joint council for cosmetic practitioners" waas set up. The idea behind this organization  in a bid the strengthen the enforcement is to set up a register of practitioners who meet the new training standards as set out by health education England.

The general public and clients undergoing treatments will then have the opportunity themselves to check the credentials of anyone carrying out their treatments and the business providing their treatments. 

The JCCP and other organizations are lobbying government to make it an offence to carry out an aesthetic treatment without been on such a register.

Also insurers are going down the same route to look at the use of registers to determine if a business or indicitional has the correct credentials to obtain entry onto the register.

Laser and aesthetics welcome any legislation to make it safer to carry out any aesthetic procedure and making sure only legitimate equipment is been sold.


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