Grade 5 Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser tattoo Removal

No matter if you are a new business in offering laser tattoo removal  or you are an established business offering laser tattoo removal then the correct training is vital for both safe and effective treatments.

Many insurers will insist on Level 5  in laser tattoo removal in order to obtain indemnity cover. Also local authorities are now making this more or less a mandatory requirement

Laser & Aesthetic Training Grade 5 and 6 Advanced laser training Grade 5 Q-Switch Nd:YAG Laser tattoo Removal

The course is divided into seven modules - six online theory modules plus a practical module which allows Intermed's assessors to check the learner's skills.

If the learner does not have access to suitable equipment, the practical assessment can be carried out at one of the parent company's (Skin Group International Ltd) fully equipped centres.  Please contact for costings.

It is vital that each module is completed in order and each modules assessment passed before purchasing and moving onto the next module in the series. We do not issue individual module certification.

Course Entry Requirements
​It is a pre-requisite of this course that users must already have successfully completed 4 important prior courses:-

  • Intermed's Grade 3 "Access Course for Laser, IPL & LED Skin & Hair Treatments" (or a Level 3 Beauty Therapy, Medical or Scientific Qualification) 
  • The "Core of Knowledge" course
  • Grade 4 "Anatomy & Physiology for Aesthetic Laser and IPL Practitioners" course.
  •  "Laser Operator Training" from the manufacturer or supplier on their specific make and model of laser equipment

Payment can be made using most major credit/debit cards or by using a PayPal balance
​​NB: It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this payment system

(This will open a separate window to make the purchase)

Course links are delivered electronically to you in digital format, and permit access for up to 2 months or until you pass the course assessments – whichever comes soonest.  Course users are able to download resource materials for future reference as they progress through the course.  If you do not access within 2 months, the course links will expire.

Module 1 - Types of Tattoo and Mechanism of Retention in the Skin  - £125

Module 2 - Physics of Q-Switched Lasers Used for Tattoo Removal - £125

Module 3 - Laser Wavelengths Used For Various Tattoo Inks - £125

Module 4 - Health & Safety Issues in a Laser Tattoo Removal Studio/Clinic - £125

Module 5 - Treatment Risks & Contraindications/Client Consultation  - £125

Module 6 - Treatment Techniques  - £125
The Practical Skills Assessment can be carried out using one of  three options:-
Option 1 - Practical Skills Assessment via Video - £500
Please note that this option requires the learner to carry out treatments on clients/volunteers using the user's own equipment. ​
​(Purchase of this option will download a document setting out the evidence you will need to submit)

​Option 2 - Practical Skills Assessment at an Intermed (Skin Group International Ltd)  Training Centre - ​Price on Application
​If the learner does not have access to suitable equipment then choosing this option will allow the assessments to be carried out at one of our fully equipped clinics.
2 separate days of assessment are required:
  • Day 1 will assess Client Consultation & Test Patches
  • Day 2 (arranged 1 week later) will assess Full Treatments

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