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Used Alma Soprano Ice laser

£20000 (+VAT)

Laser & Aesthetic Sales Directory Used Alma Soprano Ice laser

Laser and Aesthetics is advertising on behalf of an aesthetic clinic in London 

Beauty and Melody in London.

A 2015 Alma Soprano Ice laser

The laser is in excellent condition and includes a full service history from new.

The laser also has the water filling kit as well as marketing material, service reports and user manual.

The laser also comes with the facial tip and has a choice of 2 handpieces:

  • As sold with the Alex handpiece £20,000 + VAT
  • or with a brand new speed diode handpiece for £29,000 + VAT 

The laser will come with installation and 12 months warranty on the machine. 


Used Soprano Ice laser

The working model:

Multiple treatment methods within the handpiece

  • InMotion 
  • SHR stack
  • Single shot

Multiple wavelengths  in separate handpieces

  • 810nm
  • 755nm
  • 1064nm


This technology works by uses low energy laser pulses to gradually heat up the dermis to a temperature that kills the hair follicle whilst avoiding damage to the surrounding tissues. The low energy laser pulses are delivered in high repetition to build up the core temperature with very little pain or discomfort. SHR technology is used with an IN-Motion technique of moving the laser handpiece over the treatment area for full coverage whilst the ICE technology cools the skin.


Alma Soprano Ice  offer virtually pain free laser treatments for the removal of unwanted hair. The system utilise different handpieces with different wavelengths.

Instant and simultaneous contact cooling

ICE technology cools the skin during the treatment by using a sapphire tip which minimises the risk of burns on the skins surface whilst heating up the hair follicle in order to kill it. 

Diode laser: 810nm 

  • Reaches the dermal papilla which is deep penetration of the hair follicle.
  • Moderate melanin absorption
  • Safer for darker skins not skin type 6
  • targets bulb

Alex Diode laser: 755nm 

  • Strong melanin absorption
  • Ideal for light skins and hair colours
  • Targets bulge of hair follicle
  • Full service history from new.
  • Delivery and installation
  • 12 months warranty 
  • water filling kit 
  • Service reports
  • marketing kit
  • User manual
  • Eyewear
  • Alex handpiece
  • for an additional £9000 a brand new speed diode handpiece 


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