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used Collagen bed



used Collagen bed

The bed is a Dr Muller collagen bed please click here for more details on the distributor 

The bed is 2 years old and is low usage and is been sold to make space. 

The red light collagen bed is used for 

  •  skin rejuvenation,
  • wellness and
  •  anti-ageing benefits.

It contains 40 red light collagen tubes with no UV as this is not a tanning bed.

It is token operated and comes with tokens and token box. 

This could be potentially transported by the distributor for a fee.
To discuss further please contact

Name: Michael Anthony


Telephone: 07757972328

2 cross street, Basingstoke, rg21 7dq

Collagen bed
used red light bed
rejuvenation bed
Collagen bed used red light bed rejuvenation bed

Vitality and rejuvenation

The Dr. Müller Omega red light collagen bed is designed for increased vitality and rejuvenation

The light reaches the deepest layers of your skin to enliven it from the inside out. Resulting in a more refreshed, flushed, and younger-looking complexion

Fast rejuvenation session time

Step inside and rejuvenate your complexion for 15 minutes of absolute bliss.

Complete wellness experience

Equipped with many features and options to boost your wellness experience

Standard equipped with

  • IQ Touch Control
  • Age Control
  • BodyCooler
  • Music Pro
  • Voice Guide
  • Wellness Sound
  • Bluetooth
  • Rainbow Manager
  • Electronic Ballasts
  • Shoulder Light Therapy
  • Air Extraction Hose

Top Lamps: 22x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 180W E-Tronic | 190 cm
Bottom Lamps: 18x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 120W E-Tronic | 190 cm
Shoulder Lamps: 5x Dr. Müller Collagenic Light 25W E-Tronic | 51 cm
Recommended exposure time: 15 minutes

Minimum Net weight(1) (+airco): 210 Kg (250 Kg)
Minimum Crated weight(1) (+airco): 270 Kg (315 Kg)

Power supply (+airco): 3x 400V + N + PE (3x 400V + N + PE)
Plug and cable (+airco): 16A CEE 5x 2,5mm2 (16A CEE 5x 2,5mm2)
Power (+airco): 6.900W (7.900W)
Breaker/Fuse [slow] (+airco): 3x 16A (3x 16A)

Dimensions open (+airco): 232 x 152 x 148 cm (232 x 152 x 148 cm)
Dimensions closed (+airco): 232 x 138 x 124 cm (232 x 138 x 124 cm)
Boxed dimensions (+airco): 233 x 126 x 145 cm (233 x 126 x 145 cm)

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