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Laser and aesthetics are advertising on behalf of a client a used Pollogen Lipofirm pro system.

This system is 8 years old is in perfect working order.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Lipofirm Pro, a state-of-the-art system with just 478 hours of usage – a testament to its durability and longevity. While the hours may seem high, rest assured, this powerhouse requires no servicing, and no replacement parts are needed. It's a reliable investment that will continue to deliver outstanding results for many years to come.

This unparalleled system, initially purchased new for £35,000, is now available at an incredible value.

Seize the opportunity to add a lucrative revenue stream to your business. The Lipofirm Pro, with an RRP of £100 per 30-minute session, allows you to sell courses of 4, 6, and 8 sessions, maximising your profits.

Clinically proven to:

  • Reduce fat,
  • Reduce cellulite,
  • Tighten the skin,
  • Tone the body.

This reputable machine, with proven efficacy, assures your clients exceptional results.

Despite a small hairline crack on the trim and some minor blemishes on the side, shown in the pictures, the machine operates flawlessly, underscoring its incredible value.

Offers considered.

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Lipofirm pro
Pollogen lipofirm pro
Used Lipofirm
Lipofirm pro Pollogen lipofirm pro Used Lipofirm

The Lipofirm Pro is a compact aesthetic medical device for comprehensive anti-ageing body contouring, including localised fat reduction & cellulite treatment. The lipofirm pro uniquely allows aesthetic professionals to treat all four layers of the skin and address a broad range of conditions through pollogens TriLipo technology. It incorporates both Trilipo Radio-frequency and dynamic muscle activation  (DMA) for both facial and body treatments. The two treatment modalities being run concurrently enhance the efficacy off each other. 

Lipofirm Pro  combines two technologies 

TriLipo Radio Frequency (RF) 

TriLipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA)

Both work using one  applicator to  create a synergistic effect that delivers non-invasive fat removal and lymphatic drainage, as well as skin tightening.

Combination TriLipo treatment

By operating the TriLipo Radio-frequency and TriLipo DMA in conjunction with each other, through a single tri-pole applicator, treatment is applied to the dermal layer, hypodermal fat layer and superficial muscle layers to deliver superior fat reduction and body contouring.

Deep, homogeneous, heating is achieved through the dermal and fat layers, and the liquefied fat released as a result of the TriLipo Radiofrequency heating effect and this is effectively moved into the lymphatic drainage system for removal from the body without the need for additional exercise





  • Treatment Benefits


    - Fat Reduction

    - Long term Circumferential Decrease 

    - Body Sculpting

    - Skin Tightening 

    - Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage



    - Wrinkle Reduction 

    - Facial Contouring 

    - Improved oxygenation

Lipofirm Pro Applicators

The Lipofirm Pro incorporates three ergonomically designed, hand-held, treatment applicators. These differ in size and configuration to allow optimum treatment of different body and facial regions.

Applicator No. 1 is the largest - designed for treatment of large body areas and provides greatest depth penetration of the TriLipo Technologies. Applicator No. 1 incorporates 6 electrodes and an indication light-guide ring.

Applicator No. 2 is of medium size and is used for treatment of both body regions and facial regions. Applicator No. 2 incorporates 3 electrodes and an indication light-guide ring.

Applicator No. 3 is the smallest, and is used in the treatment of small areas and the face. Applicator No. 3 also incorporates 3 electrodes and an indication light-guide ring.

Lipofirm Pro Applicators

When not in use, the are securely held on the Lipofirm Pro's aesthetically designed applicator-support platform.

All of the applicators use multiple electrode modulation to prevent extended electrode heating and subsequent tissue over-heating at the electrode-tissue contact points


Lipofirm Pro Specifications

Mobile but extremely stable, cart-based system; with small footprint, lockable wheels and waist level applicator cradles.

Incorporates 3 applicators to cover body and facial areas of all sizes.

Radio-frequency Specifications

  • Output Power            : 50 Watts
  • Output Frequency      : 1 MHz
  • Power Control            : Pulse Width Modulation

TriLipo DMA

  • Pulse Duration           : 20-400 μs
  • Pulse Frequencies      : 0.78, 1.56, 3.12, 6.25 & 12.5 Hz.
  • Pulse Amplitude         : 0 - 300 mA

Physical Dimensions

  • System Weight           : 22 Kgs
  • System Dimensions    : L57 x W49 x H127 cm

Note:   Outside the UK, Pollogen's Lipofirm system range is known as the "Maximus" range.

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