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Used primelase HR

£24500 (+VAT)

Laser and aesthetics are advertising on behalf of a client a used 


Primelase HR is one of the most effective and fastest medical grade lasers on the market. 


The laser has been in the clinic for 4 years, with 3 years light to medium usage, due the almost one year lock down. Device was recently serviced and in perfect working condition.
This is an outstanding Laser with exceptional results. More treatment attachments can be purchased for this device. 
Cost from new was £54,000 + VAT 
Training is available from the distributor.
This laser comes with two hand pieces TO TREAT ALL SKIN TYPES:
One high powered diode (810nm) for skin types 1-4, and the blend of 810/940 and 1060nm
(Total shot done 275,000 ), which gives safe and extremely effective hair removal on darker skin types. 
Uk distributor will provide regular service and provide support, device good as new! 
To discuss this laser in further detail please contact
Office   02082931070
Laser will need be collected from our premises 
3 College Approach
London SE109HY
used primelase HR
used primelase HR primelase

Multiple Wavelengths  & Treatments

5 different spot sizes: 4×3, 20×9, 20×15, 30×9 and 30×17

High Peak Power: 4.800W

High frequency regardless of the fluence

4 different wavelengths

The platform combines four different wavelengths — Alex (755nm), Diode (810nm), Blend (810nm + 940nm +1060nm) and Yag (1060nm) ensuring the maximum versatility on all skin conditions.

Ultra Short Pulse

Effective USP technology (Ultra Short Pulse) with all the spot sizes. The high power of Primelase Excellence makes it possible to work with the exclusive USP technology. Starting from 3ms, it allows to reach the optimal temperature that destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin.

Crystal Freeze - Comfort and Safety

High skin protection regardless of the room temperature, the treatment speed and the fluence that is used.

Hair removal

The platform allows the permanent elimination of hair on every phototype all-year round


Indicated to treat acne and its subsequent scars. It attacks the skin’s sebaceous glands and it also stops production of the bacteria responsible for the infection.

Pigmented lesions

In a single session you will get excellent results in the treatment of solar or senile lentigines.

Vascular lesions

Treatment of superficial vascular lesions and cherry angiomas. Maximum precision and speed with only one shot per area.


It reduces the effects of photoaging, stimulates the crea­tion of new collagen and induces skin tightening.

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