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used Quanta Q plus C EVO

£37950 (+VAT)

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Used Quanta Q plus C laser

The system is a May 2016 model with ~700,000 on the Nd:YAG and only 250,000 on the Ruby which is a mega low usage for a Quanta Q plus C. 

The system with be fully serviced and comes with 

  • 1 year warrant
  • Delivery and installation
  • Full training package
  • Marketing pack 
  • Fractional handpiece

To discuss this system please contact

Name: Craig Smith 


Telephone: 07484245721

q plus c
used q switch
Q plus C evo
q plus c used q switch Q plus C evo

Q-plus C

Often heard referred to as the Lynton Q plus C this is actually a Quanta laser with a configuration of Active Q-switch Nd:YAG 1064/532nm with the addition of Q-switch Ruby 694nm. This is one of the bestselling Q-switch lasers in the world. 

No other laser in the world can remove more tattoo pigments than this lasers delivering 3 powerful laser wavelengths in one unique system including the worlds fastest Ruby laser.

This laser really can remove all treatable tattoo’s


  • Benign Pigmented Lesions
  • Benign Cutaneous Lesions
  • Removal of black, dark blue, brown, red, orange, violet, sky blue and green tattoo inks
  • Scars Treatment
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Lightening of unwanted hairs
  • Inflammatory Acne
  • Dermatological foot conditions (skin and nail) treatment
  • Permanent Hair Reduction

Q switch mode and Optipulse modes

When using the active Q-switch of the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series, very short pulses (6ns for Nd:YAG 1064/532nm and 30ns for Ruby laser 694nm) are delivered with very high peak powers.

This combination of energy delivery to the tissue enables a highly efficient photo-acoustic effect, of either the pigmented lesion or the tattoo. This short-pulse, high-energy output also reduces the thermal interaction of the tissue. The bigger the thermal interaction, the more loss of energy making the treatment less efficient and potentially causing more damage to the skin. The unwanted tattoo or pigments that have been hit by the high-energy pulse are fragmented and then removed by the body’s own natural defence mechanism, a process called phagocytosis.


The optipulse mode of the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series increases the energy of the emission by 50% and in doing so reduces the optical pick power by 20%. This is used to reduce the transitory post-treatment purpura and risk of hyper-pigmentation, using the 532nm laser.

q plus increased emission

Flat beam OPTIBEAM II® technology

The laser beam that is generated by any Q-switch laser needs to be a as close to a flat beam as possible.

The Q-Plus EVO series provides an homogeneous beam which reduces the healing time and makes side effects less likely. Quanta Q-Plus EVO series lasers deliver a flat-top beam profile which many of the cheaper lasers and actually some of the more expensive laser (especially passive) cannot deliver. If the laser is not delivering such a homogeneous energy cross-section, then the skin can get hot points which in turn can lead to burns.

Quanta achieves their flat top beam profile by using OPTIBEAM II® handpieces with the ability to deliver high peak powers over a homogeneous output for all spot sizes.

The OptiBeam II handpieces can generate different flat-top spot shapes at various sizes.

  • Square, flat-top hand-pieces - ideal for tattoo removal
  • Round, holographic hand-pieces - designed to be adjusted to pigmented lesions’ shapes
  • Fractional hand-piece - perfect for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with very short recovery time

Multi Wavelengths

The Q-Plus EVO Series is the only hybrid laser device on the market based on a powerful Q-Switched technology that can also be configured with Pulsed lasers.

Q-switched Effect

The Q-Plus q-switched sources can generate a photoacoustic effect targeted at inks and pigmentations leaving the surrounding skin intact. These laser systems are able to fragment the target in small particles making them easily processed by the human body with the phagocytosis process

Quanta Q-plus Benefits

  • Ultimate Platform system for any practice
  • Option of full colour tattoo ruby
  • Industry leading Ruby Q switch
  • Gold standard Hair removal as option
  • Fantastic return on investment
  • Gold standard 532nm option for vascular treatments
  • Advanced technology
  • Round, square and fractional Q switch spotsizes

Skin cooler

The skin cooler is fully integrated on the Q-Plus ECO series of lasers.

The skin cryo is an adapter that integrates the optic of the laser with a Zimmer air cooling for treatment of large areas.

Twain Hand-pieces

This is where the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series becomes even more unique.


This laser hand-piece has been designed to perform both fractional & ablative procedures, allowing the practitioner to remove layers of the skin with minimal thermal damage or produce a higher level of coagulation suitable for the stimulation of collagen production

The Twain 2940 effective treats some of the top aesthetic conditions such as:

  • Acne Scarring
  • Sun and age spots
  • Stretch marks
  • Resurfacing & Wrinkles
  • Skin tightening
  • Scarring & Fine lines
  • Skin rejuvenation

Twain IPL

With 6 different wavelengths, the IPL hand-piece further enhances the flexibility of the Quanta Q-Plus EVO series and the return on investment.

IPL can be used for:

  • Hair reduction
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Active acne
  • Vascular treatments

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