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PermaQSWITCH is the latest technology passive Q switch laser from the Perma range of laser and aesthetic devices.

The permaQSWITCH laser is a passive system available as a portable system or as an upright system depending on your clinic and business needs. The laser emits laser energy at a specific wavelength to target the pigment or the tattoo The laser energy disrupts the pigment by the way of a mechanical oscillation wave as the thermal relaxation time of the laser pulse is less than that of the target tissue. The pigment that has now been broken up will be absorbed by the phagocytosis of macrophages. In short, the body's own immune system will remove the broken up pigments.

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Rental agreement is based over 3 years 

Initial deposit is equal to 4 months rental £687.50+ VAT

32 months at £171.86+ VAT

72 hour call out guarantee

Full 3 year parts and Labour warranty. 

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passive laser

Q switch Nd:YAG technology 

The Q - switch Nd:YAG laser 1064nm delivers light energy which is absorbed by the pigment which results in a shock wave. The shock wave shatters the pigment and breaks them into fragments removed by the body.

Since the specific wavelength is only absorbed by the pigment no injury occurs to the normal skin and tissue. 

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Key Features

  • Different wavelengths for different treatments
  • High passive power
  • Enhanced cooling system
  • No side effects
  • Xenon crystal
  • Easy to control operations screen 8 inch LCD
  • Portable
  • Desktop

Treatment wavelengths 

1064nm - this is for the treatment of black and dark tattoos and pigment. 1064nm will also help in the treatment of pigments such as

  • yellow and brown pigments
  • Freckels
  • eyebrow tattoo
  • birthmarks
  • Nevus of Ota
  • Age spots
  • as well as semi- permanent makeup

532nm - this is for the treatment of red and coloured tattoos and pigments. 532nm wavelength will also help in the treatment of pigments such as

  • freckles, eye-brow tattoos, failed eye line tattoos, lip lines,
  • pigment colouration,
  • telangiectasia in shallow red, brown and

1320nm - this is for skin whitening and closing of pores. 1320nm also removes black heads and offers skin whitening and tightening techniques. 

Lamp life is expected at 1 million shots and cost of replacement is £300

Replacement tips are £200