We have provided the below information for you to look at the different options for financing the purchase of your laser or aesthetic equipment.

At Lasers and Aesthetics, we will always give you an honest opinion and aim to set out your available choice so you can make an informed decision on which financing method is best for you.

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Common routes to purchase a laser or aesthetic device:

  • A finance agreement to purchase the equipment. We can put you in touch with a leading laser and aesthetic financing provider. This may be either a Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase agreement.
  • An outright purchase where you secure the funds yourself which could be through bank loan etc.

Leasing  (See our free download on introduction to leasing on the right-hand die of the webpage)

Under a lease-purchase financing scheme, you pay for the equipment on a monthly basis and then own it at the end of the term. Normally these payments would be lower than an equivalent rental scheme, with the added benefit of eventual ownership. You may be required to pay a deposit. Sometimes we can help you get 100% finance, in which you need no deposit. Remember; the more deposit you pay the less you will have to borrow and therefore the lower your monthly payments will be.

For example, if you want to borrow £20,000 + VAT for a diode laser.

Zero deposit; means you will be paying around £470 + VAT per month over 5 years (Approximately £235 + VAT for each £10,000 borrowed)

20% deposit; means you will pay £4000 + VAT upfront, with £16,000 + VAT borrowed over 5 years equating to a monthly payment of approximately £376 + VAT.

Hire Purchase Financing

A Hire Purchase agreement is essentially similar to a lease purchase, but you are required to pay the VAT up front. Using the same example as below

Zero deposit on a £20,000 + VAT device

You would pay £4000 upfront (the VAT value) and then in the region of £470 per month

(NOTE: The example figures above for Lease Purchase and Hire Purchase are indicative only. Exact values vary according to many factors and are set by the finance provider)

Outright purchase

This is normally funded by the purchaser through either a bank loan or from saved funds

A bank loan for a laser or aesthetic device can represent a viable option. The interest payable will often be at a lower rate than purchasing via a Lease Purchase or Hire Purchase agreement and the equipment is owned by you from day 1. Depending on personal circumstances, the value of any loan may be restricted so you may need to add additional funds from elsewhere. 

Using your own funds is also an option for any business if you have sufficient savings. Depending on where your money is saved, it may not be acquiring a good return on investment. So the money could be put to better use by purchasing income-generating equipment and, in that way, making your money work for you!

Remember; we have other options to help you reduce the costs of purchase, such as:

  • Part-exchange sales
  • Purchasing 'Used' rather than 'New' equipment

If you are unable to obtain finance or you don’t want to own the equipment, we also have the possibility of rental.

Rental of equipment will not allow you to get the latest equipment, but can be an excellent route into the business, providing a low cost option with minimal upfront charges and no long-term commitment. (minimum rental terms are typically about 6 months, but lower rates may apply to longer rental periods).

For certain laser and aesthetic purchases, we may be able to offer a “buy-back guarantee”. In this arrangement, we guarantee the future value of the laser or aesthetic device. If your business is not as successful as you would hope and you have other reasons to stop using the device you can give the equipment back and receive the agreed amount. (Conditions will apply)


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Download our leasing guide or the right hand side of the webpage  or read our section on marketing for more details.

Contact us to discuss any aspect of financing your equipment. We can give you basic advice here at Laser and Aesthetics or put you in touch with our finance team to assist you further.

Alternatively, please download our free guide or introduction to leasing from the column on the right hand side of the webpage