Dedicated laser service

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Maintenance Dedicated laser service

Why should you service your laser/IPL or aesthetic equipment?

The price of laser / aesthetic systems can be equivalent to the cost of a luxury car and, like a car, needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that such a valuable business asset keeps operating at peak efficiently.

Also most local councils will require you make sure your equipment is checked at least every year to maintain your licensing. 

Additionally, over recent years there has been a rise in the number of claims within the industry made for improper clinical treatment, primarily as a result of increased advertising by “No Win - No Fee” companies, making it more important than ever that your equipment is working within manufacturers specifications and you are covered in this respect by having an annual service report. The first thing that will be questioned is how to do you know your machine was delivering as it should? "it is your responsibility as business" to ensure it does deliver!

The service and maintenance of a laser / aesthetic equipment is a specialised trade, with improper servicing and maintenance having potentially massive implications to you, your business and your client.

Our laser services and aesthetic services are designed to be fair, transparent and represent very real cost savings for the client, compared with the cost of unplanned call-outs by those without the protection.

Since the complexities of different laser / aesthetic systems varies so greatly between models, the price structure of our maintenance Packages are also system dependent, which avoids excessive prices for those clients operating lower spec’d systems.

What is included in a service visit: This list is mainly associated with laser not aesthetic devices as they often are not as complexed.

Our Service visits are designed to be comprehensive, giving you the reassurance that your laser/  IPL system is working at peak performance.

Power Measurements:

This is vitally important for an engineer to check the calibration periodically to identify any gradual variation of output that might occur over time. This can also point ot potential problems before they arise.


Lasers & IPL’s incorporate mirrors that reflect the laser beams and glass optics to focus the energy beam. These mirrors and optics can get dusty over time which may result in the drop off in the power of the system and cause low-power errors. In addition, the energy beam may cause that dust collection to become burnt onto the mirror or optics which would then need replacing.

Routine cleaning of these mirrors, lenses and optics will help prevent this from happening and reducing the need for expensive call-outs and replacement parts. Likewise, the engineer will clean and, replace if needed, the various dust filters built in to the system.

Beam Alignment:

Beam alignment is a must anytime there has been adjustment to the mirrors or lens, or if the system has received any knocks. This is a specialist and very precise task and if not done correctly can costs thousands in repair costs.


Earthing, fuses and circuit breakers are essential safety features built in to every laser/IPL system for the protection of you, your staff and your patients. Likewise, it is essential that the “Emergency Stop” button, prominent on every system, is fully functional.


Water runs through every laser and IPL as a cooling agent sio it is vital that the water is clean, is the correct type of water and is filled to the correct level. Insufficient water can lead to water pump failure and machine overheating which could intern lead to further machine damage. 

Cooling Fan:

The cooling fan also needs to be checked and cleaned to ensure it is running at the correct speed for optimum performance.

Hand-piece and Applicators:

The complexity of hand-pieces and Applicators depend on the system being serviced, and so need varying degrees of maintenance, but in general any lenses need cleaning, to avoid any dirt or debris that can build up and damage the lens and the structural integrity needs to be checked.

Protective eyewear:

Laser safety glasses are vitally important and need regular checks to ensure they fit correctly and do not have scratches which would reduce their effectiveness.

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