Alma Lasers Soprano and Harmony Handpieces

Here at laser and aesthetics we offer services for some of the most common laser machines on the market including alma lasers.

We can often offer substantial savings on both servicing and repairs of Alma systems as well as hand pieces for the most common machines. All our work is fully guaranteed and delivered by Alma trained engineers.

Maintenance Alma Lasers Soprano and Harmony Handpieces

We deal with most makes of Alma lasers but the most common 2 lasers we are asked about is as below

  • Alma harmony
    • Almar harmony Xl
    • Alma harmony Xl pro
  • Alma soprano
    • Soprano XL
    • Soprano Xli
    • Soprano Ice
      • Alexandrite
      • Nd:Yag
      • Speed diode
      • Compact
    • Soprano platinum Ice

We can offer both new handpieces as well as refurbish current headpieces. We also offer alternatives to the Alma Soprano and alma harmony so contact us to discuss in greater detail.

What does a refurbished handpiece mean?

You may not need a new handpiece and instead we can refurbish yours for you. All you do is send it to us, we give a quote for repair and you decide if you want the work completed.

We can replace things such as:

  • Handpiece Casing
  • ibutton
  • Sapphire crystal

Whether we repair, refurbished or provide a new Alma handpiece, we always use original manufactures parts.

Be careful with other third-party providers as they do not always use genuine parts and could be using cheap imported alternatives.

Our engineers are fully trained and as such we guarantee your 100% satisfaction in our work.

Alma harmony handpieces are programmed to last a certain number of shots and once this total is reached the hand piece stops working. This is due to the lamps and filters not been able to deliver the correct energies, one of the things we test in our service.

When we refurbish a handpiece, we also reset the counter so the hand-piece has the full shots count available again.

What is the procedure for replacing a hand piece?

  • Tell us which hand piece you require replacement or repair.
  • We then either quote for the repair of hand piece, refurbish costs or the cost of the new one
  • We then invoice you for the work and once paid deliver the new handpiece back to you


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