Buying Guides

Considering buying a laser or aesthetic device? Do you want a new or used device? Do you want to lease, rent or outright purchase?

Read our essential laser purchasing guides below in order to make an informed decision or better still contact us


Independent Advice


The Laser and Aesthetic industry is notoriously difficult to navigate. In looking at new equipment, it can be difficult to find someone you can trust.

A capital purchase is one that will shape your business for years to come; so is vital you make a fully informed decision, not only for your current needs, but also for your reputation well into the future.

Our Recommended Suppliers


A common questions we are asked with regards both lasers and aesthetic devices is:
"where is the equipment actually made?"

You need to know exactly what you are getting for your money, regardless of whether you are purchasing an entry-level system or a top-of-range device.

New equipment


Why buy a new piece of equipment as oppose to used or rental options?

Laser and Aesthetics should be your first and last stop for equipment due to our general impartial advice, which means you will end up with the best equipment for you, not the choice the sales person wants to sell you.

Used equipment


At Laser and Aesthetics, we offer a variety of routes to obtain both lasers or aesthetic devices, and one of those routes is geared towards the purchase of used-lasers and aesthetic equipment.

Purchasing a 'pre-owned' device can mean massive price savings against purchasing a brand-new device.

Part Exchange


Have you considered part-exchanging your laser or aesthetic equipment for a new device?

At Laser and Aesthetics, we will gladly look at the options available for you to upgrade your current equipment to an alternative new or used device.



At Laser and Aesthetics', as part of our commitment to assist our customers to the very best of our ability, we try to offer a range of means by which you can add equipment to your business.

An option that is becoming increasingly popular is Rental of lasers and aesthetic devices.



We have provided the below information for you to look at the different options for financing the purchase of your laser or aesthetic equipment.

At Lasers and Aesthetics, we will always give you an honest opinion and aim to set out your available choice so you can make an informed decision on which financing method is best for you.



Marketing of your laser and aesthetic business is just as important as buying the right equipment.

There is no point in owning the best equipment if no one knows you purchased it and what treatments it can offer.


IPL Vs Laser


Many people do not know the difference between an IPL and Laser where IPL is often incorrectly referred to as a laser. Laser and Aesthetics will discuss the difference between them both.

Market Rocket Marketing Package


Laser and aesthetics work alongside Market Rocket to offer clients a marketing package included will all sales. Laser and aesthetics will choose the right package for you!