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A common questions we are asked with regards both lasers and aesthetic devices is:
"where is the equipment actually made?"

You need to know exactly what you are getting for your money, regardless of whether you are purchasing an entry-level system or a top-of-range device.

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Many suppliers state “made in ...” but is the equipment made where they say it is - or has it been manufactured elsewhere and simply bolted together in the 'country of origin'?

Manufacturers are often very secretive about this; buying bespoke pre-constructed parts from the Far-East and slapping on a Made in Europe sticker to justify a higher price, for instance. Whilst we cannot pretend to know the origin of all devices, we do research the origin of many devices and will tell you our thoughts on any device on the market today. It is our valued opinion from this research and trade knowledge so sometimes we may be wrong.... but not very often!

More importantly than where your laser or aesthetic equipment is from, you need to know:

  • Has it got Ce marking?
  • Is the CE market legitimate?

Did you know the new EU Medical Device Regulations 2017 (MDR) come in to force in May 2020; requiring any device used on humans to be classed as a “medical device”, so it is vital to not only check the CE registration but check it is tested to Medical CE standards.

Also don’t just take the suppliers word for it, check it yourself. Ask for a copy of the CE certificate and then check with the stated certifying regulatory body - this can often be done online.

If you find they don’t have a legitimate CE mark, you should report them to the MHRA as this is the only way substandard equipment will be banished from the industry.

It is also vital you look at the support being offered going forward with regards to

  • Consumable costs
  • Marketing
  • General business support
  • Servicing costs
  • Warranty periods
  • Training

We can offer a variety of different servicing options to many makes and models of equipment.We only offer fully qualified engineers for the equipment in question. 

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Laser and Aesthetics offers many different aspects in how we can help your business both now and in the future. As mentioned previously we can offer servicing support on a variety of different lasers and aesthetic equipment.

Please see our Maintenance section for more detail.

Understanding what training is provided with the equipment and what other training maybe required is vital for both insurance and professional indemnity. Remember most new equipment laser or aesthetic device will only come with product training not core training.

Read our training section to obtain advice and look at a multitude online courses for laser training and aesthetic training.

Take a look through our manufacturers list for a range of products we can offer and trust.

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The next sections on our buying guides section with also help look at the difference between New equipment and Used equipment

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