At Laser and Aesthetics', as part of our commitment to assist our customers to the very best of our ability, we try to offer a range of means by which you can add equipment to your business.

An option that is becoming increasingly popular is Rental of lasers and aesthetic devices.

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Laser and aesthetic equipment can be very expensive and requires the business owner to have a confidence in the future success of a business such that the capital cost can be realised, or the finance payments completed. Ownership might require a personal guarantee or tying up a large amount of personal funds.

Rental systems negate this by charging monthly with out long-term tie-ins. With a rental device; the costs per month are likely to be higher than lease purchase, but you have the added benefit of not having to concern yourself with maintenance, servicing or warranty issues, as this is all included.

Laser and Aesthetics are looking at offering numerous devices to our rental portfolio including both lasers to aesthetic equipment.

The types of systems that are available for rent include:

  • New lasers or aesthetic equipment
  • Part exchanged lasers or aesthetic equipment
  • Used laser or aesthetic equipment

As briefly mentioned above, the advantages of renting a laser or equipment are as follows:

  • No formal credit checks
  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • No extended tie-ins, when compared to a purchase
  • Minimal deposit - usually 3 months’ worth of payments upfront
  • No servicing or maintenance contracts or issues

Of course, with any positives there are always negatives to consider and a rental option is the same. Prior to entering into any agreement you need to consider:

  • You never own the laser or aesthetic equipment so it has no future value to you
  • It is not a capital asset for your company accounts
  • Restricted range. Providers do not rent out the latest high-tech laser or aesthetic devices, as the 'risk to reward' ratio makes it nonviable. You need to be realistic in your expectations. With a rental system, you are asking the provider to take on much of the financial risk of the deal.
  • Rental figures are going to be more than purchase figures
  • System could be recalled
  • Small tie-in period

The most cost-effective way to purchase a laser or aesthetic device is generally going to be outright purchase;  for which we can also assist though our finance team. Not everyone will have this option though, especially if you’re not operating a long-standing business owner or homeowner.

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Laser and Aesthetics are looking at offering a range of different equipment to offer as rental options as well as outright purchase. 

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