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Have you considered part-exchanging your laser or aesthetic equipment for a new device?

At Laser and Aesthetics, we will gladly look at the options available for you to upgrade your current equipment to an alternative new or used device.

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There are different reasons why a business might look at part-exchanging their current laser or aesthetic equipment for a new one, such as:

  • It has served its purpose
  • It no longer meets the needs of your business or clients
  • It costs more in consumables and servicing than a new version
  • There is an improved model now available
  • There is a better alternative device available
  • You have a larger budget available to spend

These are just some of reasons why people contact us to discuss our part exchange options. And with Laser and Aesthetics, you can be safe in the knowledge that we will give you the best possible "free advice".

We have different options available for you when it comes to part exchanging your device:

Option 1 - To sell your equipment for you on a used equipment page. If you have bought something else from us, this is a free service and you will get 100% of the revenue.

Option 2 - To buy the old device from you and offset its value against the price of your new device. This may result in you getting less from it, but means you get an instant value of the equipment and don't have to wait for its sale prior to purchasing new gear.

Option 3 - Instead of part-exchange, with some devices we may just offer you a cash value for it.

Contact us directly to discuss these options.


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You may well wonder why we offer this service?

If we acquire the used laser or aesthetic equipment from you, we either: 

  • Refurbish your laser or aesthetic device and sell it on as used stock
  • Offer your device as part of our rental portfolio
  • Use it for spare parts
  • Use it for training

So the choice is yours. Why not read on about our rental laser or aesthetic machine options

Or contact us to discuss the part exchange in more detail.

Alternatively, please download our free guide from the column on the right hand side of the webpage