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Why buy a new piece of equipment as oppose to used or rental options?

Laser and Aesthetics should be your first and last stop for equipment due to our general impartial advice, which means you will end up with the best equipment for you, not the choice the sales person wants to sell you.

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Laser and Aesthetics are involved in the sale of new lasers and aesthetic devices which we will discuss further below.

Alternatively, you can view our current 'pre-purchased' stock on our used equipment page and please contact us to discuss rental and part exchange opportunities.
You may also wish to sell your current device, which case we have options for you through our sell equipment section.

It can be both daunting and confusing, listening to all the different manufacturers hype about why their machine is best. And often the only value of a brochure is to gloss up the equipment further.

Let us help you decide on which equipment is best and if a new piece of equipment is indeed the best way forward for you.

Our vast experience in the laser and aesthetic market, as well as the medical sector in general, means we are primed to be able to offer the very best independent advice and in many cases the best strategy for your business such as

  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Training
  • Additional devices

Everything we do is designed to help you make the right choice.Tell your colleagues, so they can come to us and benefit in a similar manner. And make sure we are your first stop for all things aesthetic.

There is an abundance of new equipment on the market today with new models and devices coming out on what seems to be a weekly basis. Many of these systems seem new, but are they really new or simply upgrades or new packaging of old technology?

Sometimes equipment is released and is actually only a slight upgrade on a previous model, but is certainly not worth the extra funds needed to purchase.

So a few important things to consider when buying new:

What’s included with the system?

Any device should come with a range of support and services in place to help you and your business be a success such as:

  • Product training

(If required, we can provide most core training needed, before you purchase any product)

  • Warranty and servicing support

(Depending on the equipment, we may be able to offer these services even if you have not purchased through Laser and Aesthetics)

  • Marketing support
  • Cost of consumables and what they are
  • Depreciation value

(Since, at Laser and Aesthetics, we also sell used systems, we have a good grasp on what any particular device maybe worth in 1 years’, 2 years' or 5 years' time)

Imagine buying a system at £20,000 + VAT, and sometime later, for one reason or another, deciding to sell it; and finding out it is now worth nothing! Contact us to discuss this important aspect of new equipment further.

You also need to ask about the supplier & manufacturer themselves:

  • Where does the equipment come from?
  • How long has the businesses been operating?
  • What do their previous customers have to say about their service-quality?

We can provide details of any number of customers from clinics to individuals who have used our services.  Speak with them directly to discuss how we have helped them and put your mind at rest. You are in safe hands!

The actual cost of the laser or aesthetic device is often the most important thing to consider, but also bear in mind the cost of the device over 5 years, not just the first year.

What is your expected return on investment? Is that going to pay for the device and give me a profit?

Remember there a few ways to pay for your equipment as well.

  • You could use a lease purchase. If required, we can put you in touch with one of the largest providers in the industry. Rates vary depending on many things, but typically, for every £10,000 you borrow you will pay around £235 + VAT per month over 5 years. The more deposit you pay, the less you pay monthly. The better your credit score, the less you pay. You can also choose to pay the sum off over a shorter or longer term.
  • You could rent the device. Normally a small upfront fee is required and then you pay monthly for as long as you want to keep the device. Over time, this is going to be more expensive than to purchase, as you are asking the supplier to take the financial risk.
  • Go to your own bank and obtain a loan - you may find this is restricted to £25,000 maximum and you also need to consider the VAT implications and what you can claim back against, to get a true cost indication.

Many suppliers of laser and aesthetic equipment have high running costs associated with running their own business; with sales staff, marketing, trade shows, magazines and the like. Ultimately YOU are paying for this in the capital cost of the device. These overheads are part of the reason why some devices are overpriced as compared to others. Let us help you with that. Remember something at a lower price may not always be of a lower quality!

Look for a system that offers the best treatment options and the best return on investment, whilst also keeping an eye on future values. Would you buy car at £40,000 if you know in 3 years’ time it will be worth just £5,000?

What do we mean by treatment options?

If we consider a laser that only performs hair removal but costs £60,000 + VAT, then you are going to need to do a lot of hair-removal to pay for that laser let alone make a profit. You could expect to pay in the region of £1,500 + VAT per month on a lease purchase.

If a different laser costs around the same as the above and performs hair-removal just as well, but also offers a wide range of other applications; which has the potential to provide the better return you more money? Which will allow you to expand your service?

Why not read our section on used equipment for more information? Or indeed, contact us

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