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A high powered, short picosecond laser with various wavelengths for various treatments from Alma lasers one of the most respected laser manufacturers in the world. 

The pico clear like all pico laser represents a new era in the removal of pigments tattoo with fewer treatments needed and optimal results

Like all Pico lasers the Alam Pico clear is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into skin to target pigment. The energy that is delivered is absorbed by the target pigment and creates a photoacoustic wave. It is this photoacoustic wave that shatters the pigment in micro-pigments which the body's own immune system can then dispose of.

The question is for you need a pico-second laser for your business?

Which laser delivers the largest photoacoustic wave ie which is the most powerful? 

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Alma Pico Cluster
Alma Pico 2
Alma Pico

1- The laser delivers pico second energy to the tattoo or pigment. The light beam penetrates the skin and hits the pigment

2- The photo-acoustic effect shatters the pigment in micro-pigments

3 - The immune systems identifies as foreign and disposes of it

Short Pulse duration

The Alma Pico clear delivers a very short pulse duration of 300-350 picoseconds.

This ultra-short energy burst ensure great results with only a few treatments. The Alma Pico clear is versatile in that the user can control the parameters to create the optimal treatment settings such as

  • Wavelength
  • Energy level
  • Spot size
  • Deliver mode
  • Frequency


Alma Pico accessories

Picolor -offering 9 spot size options between 2mm and 10mm. this hand piece can be used for both 1064nm and 532nm
PicoLift- Fractional delivery in a 7 x 7 non-ablative pattern. These micro punctures trigger would healing for rejuvenation of the target tissue. 
Homogenizer 1064 & Homogenizer 532 - Square delivery profile for uniform energy delivery of either 3x 3mm or 5 x5 mm


CLEAR-Y & CLEAR-R - These hand pieces offer additional wavelengths 585nm and 650nm as dye handpieces

Alma Pico systems spec

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