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Hot off the heels of Alma ICE Platinum comes Alma ICE Titanium !

Hair removal reinvented!

This is much improved version of the previous Soprano ICE lasers and soprano ice platinum laser that combines comfort with functionality. The new large treatment applicator measures 4cm2 spot size and has advanced cooling. Treatments are now not only fast but even more comfortable. The laser also combined the characteristics of 3 hair removal wavelengths for optimal results. 


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Large 4 cm efficient and unique applicator head for faster treatment times.

Ice-plus contact - cooling for continuous cooling of the skin during treatments. The temperature can be controlled by the user for optimal comfort. A pain free comfortable patient experience. 

Dual connector - for easy of use and less fuss. This enables to user to have two different applicators connected at exactly the same time. 

Smart clinic - to help maximise business and potential. The feature offers access to live data from the treatments to look at applicators and productively during real time. 

3D technology - offering the three most effective wavelengths for hair removal in one hand-piece

SHR - a virtually pain free hair-removal process used for all skin types and hair types 





Diode Alex laser 755nm 

Powerful melanin absorption. 

The Alexandrite 755 nm wavelength is ideal for targeting most hair types and most colours but is especially great for the lighter and thinner hairs . The Alexandrite wavelength is known to target the bulb of hair follicle in particular. 

Speed 810nm Diode

A powerful quick treatment applicator that offers deep penetration of the hair follicle. This deep penetration of the hair follicle mens it targets the dermal papilla. The 810nm wavelengths has a moderate melanin absorption making it safer to sue on darker skin. 

Nd:YAg 1064nm diode

This is moderate absorption by melanin making it is the ideal wavelength for darker skin tones. The 1064 nm wavelength is also the deepest penetrating of the wavelength into the hair follicle and targets both the bulb and papilla. 

Trio - All in one

Ability to deliver all 3 wavelengths in one handpiece. 

Alma Soprano Titanium applicators


Disposable hygiene tip - designed for treatment of those intimate areas. 

Facial Tip - Designed to easily treat areas that are sometimes difficult to access such as around the nostrils 


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