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BTL Ultra Femme 360 

Over the last few years we have seen the introduction of non-invasive gynaecology procedures in the aesthetic market with now many devices available for the treatment of women's intimate health. 

Vaginal laxity is one of the most common health concerns among women. Vaginal laxity can be a result of post menopause, post childbirth or ageing. The walls of the vagina when stretched over time or with a lack of estrogen will lose elasticity. As well as vaginal laxity a number of other problems can arise such as:  

  • Mild Stress Urinary Incontinence.
  • Reduced sensation during sexual intercourse resulting in fewer orgasms.
  • Reduction of natural vaginal lubrication resulting in painful intercourse.
  • Itching and dryness.
  • Increased size of external labia

around 75% of women post 50 years are menopausal and around 50% seek treatment

around 65% of women will suffer Some form of Stress urinary incontinence

around 60% of women report vaginal laxity post childbirth

around 60% of women report a decrease in physical sexual satisfaction post child birth.

Ultra Femme 360 Vaginal rejuvenation can help  

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BTL Ultra femme 360
BTL ultra femme
Femme 360
BTL Ultra femme 360 BTL ultra femme Femme 360

The Technology 

Ultra Femme 360 provides a safe alternative to surgery

The system can be used to treat the vaginal canal, the labia or both during the same session.

Firstly a gel is applied to the skin of the labia and radio frequency energy is delivered via the ultra Femme handpiece. The vaginal canal is then treated with an internal applicator where again radiofrequency energy is precisely delivered to stimulate collagen regeneration. 

Monopolar RF ofthe BTL Ultra Femme 360 raises the temperature in the Vaginal Mucosa. This increase in temperature activates metalloproteinases (MMPs) in the extracellular matrix. It is the presence of MMP's that causes the degradation of collagen. The increase in temperature from the BTL Ultra Femme 360 causes the disruption of the intramolecular hydrogen bonds shrinkage. Thus collagen remodelling and the neocollagenesis are initiated. 

BTL vaginal tightening treatment has been proven to

  • Tighten and raise the labia,
  • Decrease the diameter of the vaginal opening and vaginal canal,
  • Improve natural lubrication and sensation, making orgasms easier to reach.
  • Improvement of stress incontinence by thickening of the anterior wall of the vagina, thus reducing anatomic stress on the urinary sphincter.

Ultra Femme 360

  • Non-surgical Vaginal tightening treatment
    • Postmenopausal atrophy 
    • Post childbirth 
  • Heats both the inside and outside of the Vagina to around 42 degrees to spark collagen regrowth,  increase the elasticity and tightness of the vagina and labia
  • Non-invasive 
  • Scientifically proven
  • No anaesthesia
  • Now downtime 
  • No pain 
  • Treatments including 
    • A tightening of vaginal opening.
    • A tightening of the vaginal canal.
    • A tightening of the perineum.
    • An increase in blood flow to the clitoris, improving its sensitivity and heightening sexual sensation.
    • A decrease in stress incontinence and strengthening of the vaginal muscles.

Listen to what patients say

- System
- Mounted Hand Piece Holders
- 2 Handpieces
    - Large / 215L-B-03756
    - Small / XP 2 Applicator - 215--7

We Do not have the Specifications of the BTL Ultra femme Machine why not see what makes BTL special instead with this informative video.

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