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Facial Toning System - The non-surgical face lift.

The CACI Classic system has gained the reputation as the finest microcurrent machine available, representing the first beauty treatment to be considered as a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery, leading to the system’s signature facial toning treatment to become known as “The non-surgical face lift.”

A unique combination of specific waveforms, tiny electrical impulses and ultra low frequencies work in harmony with the body’s bio-electrical field, to tone the facial muscles and rejuvenate the skin and a unique bio-feedback mechanism automatically adjusts the micro-current output delivered, according to each client’s bio-electrical field.

The system’s Microcurrent technology enables the operator to offer a range of non-surgical treatment options, appealing to both male and female clients of all ages, while the colour touch screen interface provides a selection menu of over 50 pre-set treatment programs which include facial lifting, skin hydration and the treatment of lines and wrinkles.

Treatments include:

  • Facial Toning
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Eye-bags
  • Skin hydration
  • Neck Treatments
  • Hand Treatments
  • Cellulite (with optional ECM)

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CACI Classic
Microcurrent Quad Probes in use
CACI Ultimate Applicators - Hydrate Rollers & Microcurrent Probes & T Bar

Microcurrent Probes

Micro-current stimulation delivers tiny, virtually sub-sensory, electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field.

Stimulating the muscle fibres with Microcurrent energy in this way re-educates the facial muscles to restore tone, improve firmness and lift the facial contours.

The dual-tipped Microcurrent Probes deliver tiny electrical impulses deep into the facial muscles using a current that work in harmony with the body’s bio-electrical field.

The microcurrent uses a current with an intensity of less than one millionth of an amp (< 1mA) and because of it’s low intensity it does not cause a physical or visual contraction of the muscle,instead, microcurrent stimulation works by a process called muscle re-education.

combining ultra low frequencies with a modified waveform enables the microcurrent to recharge the electrical potential of the muscle by stimulating the spindle cell fibers that run the length of the muscle and attach to the golgi tendon organ in the belly of the muscle.

microcurrent benefits

During treatment all 32 facial muscles are physically manipulated using soft cotton tipped wands (probes) or other attachments that transmit the microcurrent impulses.

Working a muscle from belly outward will have a lengthening/relaxing effect that is necessary on muscles that have become contracted over years of facial expression (eg frown lines). Working a muscle from the origin and insertion point inward will have a shortening effect that is necessary for the majority of the muscles that have become elongated over time due to age and gravity.

Originally developed for treating facial palsy, micro-current therapy is now also used widely for pain control and in wound healing. As an aesthetic treatment, micro-current stimulation has been shown to have a number of other cosmetic benefits and is commonly described as “facial toning or non surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that it has on facial muscles and facial contours.

microcurrent in use


In addition to the modes detailed in the Technologies tab, the CACI Classic also includes two additional output options as standard.


The T-Bar works in conjunction with the Microcurrent Probes to grip a larger muscle surface area, to provide dramatic firming and lifting results on the face. which delivers simultaneous LED light at the same time as Microcurrent to provide even more dramatic results.

Enhanced Tissue Repair (ETR) Pads

The Enhanced Tissue Repair Pads are placed on or around the face and neck during a non-surgical facial toning treatment. A continuous flow of microcurrent is transmitted which helps to heal and repair blemishes, scars and stretch marks.

Enhanced tissue repair pads in use

Instant Firming Serum Applicators

To enhance results, unique serum filled applicators are inserted into the Microcurrent Probes to provide an instant firming action. This patented delivery method holds the serum in a vacuum to maintain its potency and effectiveness.


Like other CACI systems, the inclusion of multiple technologies in a single device is a real benefit of the Classic, which includes access as standard to Micro-current probes, ETR facepads & T-bar

In addition, the following optional advanced attachments can be added to broaden the treatment range:

  • Eye Revive Rollers

The CACI Eye Revive Microcurrent rollers are designed for treating the delicate eye area. The rollers allow the skin to better absorb the Eye Revive Serum which is placed in the hand piece.

The Eye Revive Rollers use Microcurrent to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles together with a deeply nourishing CACI Eye Mask to lift hooded eye lids, reduce puffiness and dark circles, and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Electro Cellulite Massager

The ECM combines the therapeutic benefits of massage with the effectiveness of Microcurrent therapy. The conductive rollers improve the appearance of cellulite by gently breaking down fatty deposits, knead tired shoulders, soothe aching limbs and firm sagging muscles.

The stimulatory action of the ECM stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, whilst toning muscles and reducing inches.

  • Microcurrent Quad Probes

The CACI Microcurrent Quad Probes are designed to grip a larger surface and work the jaw muscles. The technique used in the Jowl Lift treatment has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline which can cause drooping jowls and loose skin.

The treatment is especially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance.

  • Microcurrent Gloves

The CACI Gloves are made of all natural silver fibre which serves as a conductor of microcurrent for the hand care treatment. The fibre used for the silver gloves uses pure silver to eliminate any allergic reaction of the skin.

The microcurrent gloves are used in conjunction with CACI’s anti-ageing hand mask which smooths lines and wrinkles, tightens skin, improves elasticity, and boosts circulation and improves skin tone

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CACI Classic

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