Alex TriVantage

Manufacturers Candela Alex TriVantage

Candela Alex TriVantage Q switch laser

This lase device from Candela is efficient at treating multicolour tattoos as well as a range of pigmented lesions and some aesthetic procedures .
The Device utilises Q switch nanosecond technology with 3 independent wavelengths 
  • 1064nm Nd:YAG
  • 532nm
  • Alexandrite 755nm

The Alexandrite 755 nm also has the ability to deliver microsecond pulses for a greater treatment range of pigmented lesions.  

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Candela Alex TriVantage
Candela Alex TriVantage
Candela Alex TriVantage

Candela Alexandrite TriVantage 

The Candela Alex TriVantage is renowned for its effective treatment of all colours of tattoo thanks to is new laser pumped technology. The 755nm Q switched laser pumps solid-state handpieces to generate both 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths as well as the 755nm

  • Q switch 755nm is safe and effective for light skins and treats range of colours inks such as the notoriously difficult greens,.
  • Q switched 532nm is safe and effective for light skins and treas red, orange and browns
  • Q switched 1064nm can be used on darker skin and is efficient at blue and black inks
  • Microsecond Alexandrite provides efficient treatment for pigmented lesions
  • Q switch alexandrite na Nd:Yag all other lesions to be treated 

The Candela Alex TriVantage also boasts a 30cm diagonal touch screen for fast treatments 

The Candela Alex TriVantage laser offers your laser business some great advantages

  • Power and performance, safely and effective. The Candela Alex TriVantage has a range of pulses widths available meaning you can optimise the energy and how it is delivered to the target chromophore whilst limited the effect of the the surround skin. 
  • By utilising the Q switched Alexandrite the Candela Alex TriVAntage can treat all colors of tattoo with the alexandrite a great wavelengths for the treatment of greens. The laser also jhas laser pumped technology making it possible to deliver great performance across all colours of tattoo
  • Long pulse alexandrite increases the treatment range for epidermal and subdermal pigmented lesions such as 
    • Freckles
    • Birthmarks
    • Age spots
    • Cafe-au-lait
  • The Candela Alex TriVantage has many user friendly features such as 
    • Simple and easy to use touch screen
    • Ergonomic handpieces
    • Range of spot sizes up to 5mm
    • High repetition rate supto 5 hz
    • Lightweight system 
  • Candela have over 40 years of laser technology behind them and is sold in 86 countries around the world for safe of mind. 



The Candela has a spot sizes that range from 2 mm to 5mm

Many clients will often use a cooling system alongside the Cynosure Medlite C6 for patient comfort and cooling of the ski

Wavelengths 755, 1064, 532 nm
Nominal Pulse Width 50 ns, 100 μsec. at 755 nm, 50 ns
at 1064 and 532 nm
Repetition Rate Single Shot, 1, 2, 3, 5 Hz
Max Pulse Energy 755 nm 800 mJ
1064 nm 400 mJ
532 nm 200 mJ
Beam Delivery Optical Fiber
Distance Gauges Fingernail Type at 755 nm
Ring Style at 755, 1064 & 532 nm
Spot Size (mm)  755 nm 2,3,4 mm
1064 nm 2,3,5 mm
532 nm 2,3,5 mm
Dimensions 109 cm x 40 cm x 76 cm
(43" H x 16"W x 30"D)
Weight 132 kgs (290 lbs)

Order Configurations

Alex TriVantage Full System:
Q-switched/LP 755 nm
Q-switched 1064 nm and 532 nm LPL Handpieces
Alex TriVantage 755 nm w/LP
Alex TriVantage 1064 nm LPL handpiece kit
Alex TriVantage 532 nm LPL handpiece kit