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The iCool system is designed as a patient skin cooling device and is manufactured within the UK, by a company with many years experience in refrigeration units.

It has been designed from the ground up, to provide superb results in a clinical setting, with sound refrigeration engineering at its heart.

This has allowed the manufacturer to offer a three year warranty - And there is no need to send the system abroad if it ever went wrong, since the manufacturer has a team of refrigeration engineers able to provide servicing and repair visits throughout the UK

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Icool cooling system for laser
Icool system
Icool cooling system for laser Icool system

Designed to deliver air that has been chilled to -30oC to provide epidermal skin relief to the patient. It can be used before laser or IPL treatments, during laser or IPL treatments and after laser and IPL treatments.

Use of the iCool system during laser or intense pulse light treatment minimises the risk of thermal injury to the skin and minimises pain.

The iCool chilling unit

  • Is Robust and Easy to operate.
  • Is as powerful as Zimmer systems, with even lower temperature output
  • Is UK made
  • Is virtually maintenance free
  • Has a fully automated refrigeration system, with a simple emptying procedure
  • Has a lower purchase price than Zimmer systems
  • Has free delivery and installation included in the purchase price
  • Has free user training
  • Has 3 year all parts and labour warranty

The all new UK-made iCool system offers

  • A stylish and elegant look
  • Easy wipe clean surface
  • Clear and easy to read temperature display
  • Adjustable speed to deliver just the right amount of cold air


Operating voltage           : 240V / 50Hz

Fuses                           : 2x10A

Power input                  : 1.4kVA

Treatment temperature  : -35C max.

Air volume                    : 1000l/min max.

Treatment hose length  : 200cm

Protection class            : Class1, type B to IEC 601-1

Dimensions                  : H 78cm
                                  : W 40cm
                                  : L 72cm

Weight                        : 60 kg

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