Lumenis FemTouch laser

The Lumenis FemTouch laser has been designed to improve some of the conditions for women's health. The laser procedure is

Some conditions for females are both painful and embarrassing and can be due to decreased levels of estrogen. 

FemTouch is an innovative CO2 laser treatment to treat some of these problems.

The Co2 laser is applied to the vaginal walls to deliver gentle controlled laser energy to both ablate and coagulate the tissue.

The laser is used for premenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal women who want to impriove their vaginal health and may suffer from conditions such as: 

  • stress urinary incontinence
  • Vafginal laxity
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Vaginal dryness

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Femtouch handpiece
Femtouch Acupulse

The technology behind FemTouch from Lumenis laser

The innovative procedure is performed by a state-of-the-art CO2 laser that helps restore the natural properties of the vaginal wall, an anti aging form the inside out. During The Lumenis FemTouch procedure a small applicator is inserted in the vaginal and moved outwards deliver laser energy to the vaginal tissue in a 360 degree pattern. This pattern ensures full coverage of the vagianl tissue. The laser creates tiny controlled micro-injuries in order to promote the remodeling of the vaginal mucous epithelium layer (vaginal lining) stimulating the regeneration of new vaginal tissue by triggering collagen production

Stress urinary incontinence 

Millions of women experience SUI as a result of aging or pregnancy. SUI is the uncontrolled loss of urine that typically coincides with simple activities like running ,lifting or sneezing. This causes an increase pressure on the bladder and the leakage. 

SUI can be very embarrassing and many women suffer in silence bit fro some it can cause many social issues. Some of the causes of SUI are

  • Loss of pelvic muscle tone
  • hysterectomy
  • trauma
  • pregnancy
  • menopause
  • lung disea
  • heavy lifting 

FemTouch treatment of SUI 

The lumenis femtouch is a non ablative CO2 laser  where microscopic holes are created from the laser inthe vagina ltissues. This tiggers a healing process when old tissue is replaced with the new tissue. This new tissue provides a stronger lining of the bladder and the walls of the vagina become thicker and more blood supply is apparent,. This helps support the bladder and avoid leakage. It also cause a tightening of the tissue 

In addition to addressing stress urinary incontinence, FemTouch helps with other issues relating to vaginal health including vaginal atrophy and urinary tract infections.


procedure takes only a few minutes


Noticeable results even from initial treatment 


No anaesthetic or post care needed 


Full control of the user of ablation and coagulation for optimal results and no discomfort

Improved sexual function

The lumenis femtouch procedure has shown to improve sexual satisfaction in women who have had the treatment The laser helps revers vagimnal dryness which can lead to discomfort during sexual intercourse. Rejuenvation vagina tissue helps to imoprove sexcual pleasure for both the woemn and their partners.

Number of treatments required

Clients required 2-4 treatments but results are seen after the initial treatment. The treatments are about 1 month apart.

FemTouch on AcuPulse

A wide range of laser accessories means many clinical indications can be treated with the Lumenis AcuPulse CO2 laser including gynaecology with the added accessories. 

Here what the doctors says about Femtouch

FemTouch accessories

femtouch SPECS

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