Lumenis M22 an advanced aesthetic workstation 

The Lumenis M22 is a platform system with multiple applications possible; in fact over 30 skin conditions and hair removal can be treated.  

The Lumenis M22 uses 4 technologies in one system allowing you build and grow at your pace.

  • IPL
    • optipulse technology
    • one handpiece interchangeable filters
    • Skin treatments and skin rejuvenation 
  • ResurFX
    • Fractional non ablative treatments with coolscan scanner
    • For skin resurfacing
  • Nd:YAG
    • Multiple Sequential pulsing (MSP)
    • 4 spot sizes
    • for treatment of leg veins and vascular lesions as well as dark skin hair removal
  • Q switch Nd:YAG
    • homogeneous beam profile
    • For skin toning, tattoo removal and pigmented lesions

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Lumenis M22
M22 treatment

Multiple-Sequential Pulsing

Energy is delivered during the pulse and cools during the delay. This cooling during the off period of the pulse train allows the tissue to cool and so more energy is derivable with less discomfort. 

Multiple-Sequential Pulsing

What does multiple-sequential pusing do?

By allowing the skin and target to cool during pulses it allows you to safely remove hair and all skin types including dark skins and reduces the risk of epidermal damage during all treatments. 

Top-Hat Beam Profile with Q switched Nd:YAG

  • homogeneous energy delivery improving safety and efficiency in energy distribution
  • Minimises risk of epidermal damage including scarring
  • No risk of hot spots and skin damage 

ResurFX™ With CoolScan™ For Optimal Treatment

The Lumenis M22 ResurFX uses the Coolscan for non-sequential scanning. Teh scanner will place a fractional spot in a controlled manner across its target helping to protect the tissue from heat build up. The system is also equipm with contact cooling for further patient comfort. 

IPL With Optimal Pulse Technology

  • Control pulse shape with equal energy distribution
  • Comfortable, patient-friendly, with lower effective fluences
  • High peak powers from shorter shorter pulses
  • Advanced OPT™ will also allow determining the specific fluence per sub-pulse when using multiple sequential pulsing

Nd:Yag with Multiple sequential pulsing technology on Lumenis M22

The Lumenis M22 delivers Nd:YAg technology from its single handpiece and is used for the treatment of 

  • telangiectasia
  • Haemangiomas
  • Leg veins 
  • Vascular lesions
  • Hair removal
  • wrinkles

It offers 4 cooled interchangeable lightguides for easy and comfortable treatments. MSP pulses is available. 

Q switched Nd:YAG

The Lumenis M22 delivers Q switched Nd:YAG through a seperate handpiece and is used for the treatment of 

  • Skin toning
  • Tattoo removal
  • Pigmented lesions

It offers 7 spotsizes 2-8 mm

4 disposable tips 2-5 mm


Offering non-ablative fractional technology from an innovative fibre and scanning system, allowing you to chose from over 600 combinations of energy delivery altering

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Density

The lumenis M22 ResurFX needs only one treatment pass to be effective which can save you time and help protect the patient's skin. 

M22 IPL system

This system allows the treatment of a wide range of conditions from one easy to use handpiece. The IPL has 9 interchangeable filters and 3 different sizes of lightguide meaning no need to buy separate handpiece for separate wavelengths. The cool tip provides additional cooling.

Option to add any handpiece as and when required

Option to have trolly version of stand-alone version

Q switch Nd:YAG 
  • 7 possible spot sizes
  • disposable tips
Q switch Nd:YAG spot sizes
Q switch Nd:YAG spot sizes


  • 9 Filters and 3 lightguides
6 Filters
3 Filters and 3 lightguides

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