Pain-Free Diode laser for hair removal on all skin types

Laser hair removal treatments are still the most in demand aesthetic procedure in the UK and the market place is till growing. Patients undergoing hair removal treatments want

  • Speed 
  • Comfort
  • Results

The Initia 810nm diode laser is designed to cover all of the three needs of the patients with quick, pain free laser hair removal treatments available on all skin types. The Initia has a laser diode handpieces are expected to cover 15 million shots making it great value for money. 



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Ice Tip technology 

The IceTip offers contact cooling of the skin during the treatment making the procedure safe and comfortable whilst also offering epidermal protection. 

The cooling tip reaches -8 degrees in temperature and continuously cools the skin during the procedure to delivery pain free laser hair removal

Ways of working

The Initia diode can work in either a

standard emission - which is one shot at a time

Motion - which is low energy pulses continuously fired whistle you move around the area resulting in a gradual build of thermal energy to kill the hair follicle.

Key features of the Initia Diode laser made by Siroz and distributed by Lynton laser

  • Pain free treatments 
  • Quick treatments
  • 15 million shot count expectancy 
  • Sub zero integrated icetip
  • 10 shots per second delivery
  • Higher fluence (power) achievable due to superior cooling
  • Compact and lightweight device
  • Ergonomic Design & Manufacture
  • A user-friendly touchscreen interface with simple, built-in treatment parameters helps aid operators with varying levels of experience.
  • Folding Screen

Operator glasses

Client glasses


Transportation suitcase

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