Motus AY

Motus AY laser from Deka distributed by Lynton Lasers

The Motus AY is an Nd:YAG and Alexandrite laser offer virtually pain free hair removal on all skin types.

Alexandrite is considered gold stand for skin types 1-3

Nd:YAG is considered gold standard for skin types 4-6

Now with the Motus AY, Alexandrite can be delivered to all skin types using Moveo technology. 

Energy is delivered in a 20mm round spot size with contact cooled tip fro ultimate patient comfort.

The Alexandrite can also be used with ultrashort pulse widths ideal for challenging fine and fair hair.


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MOVEO Technology

The concept of Moveo technology on the Motus AY is simple it involves

  • Speed
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Simplicity

Traditional Nd:YAG 1064nm and Alexandrite laser 755nm use a method of delivering one shot at a time and then moving to the next area and delivering one shot and so. Here the size of the spot, the frequency of the laser and the speed of user determines the speed of treatment. 

Using Moveo technology which is a pain free method, ultra fast shots of Alexandrite are fired through a 20mm contact cooled laser handpiece. Low energies are needed to do this meaning the procedure is safe and effective without the risk of burns.  

The technology is the same as with diode laser and SHR technology low energies are built up over time to kill the hair follicle. 


Key Features of the Motus AY

  • Alexandrite laser for all skin types
  • Treats all year round including tanned skin
  • Optional Nd:YAG for 
    • Hair Removal
    • Vascular Lesions
    • Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation
    • Onychomycosis
    • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)
  •  Alexandrite for 
    • Benign Pigmented Lesions
    • Hair removal 
  • Compact system
  • Over 200 Integrated protocols developed for Moveo Technology and standard handpieces.
  • Intuitive software
  • lightweight and ergonomic handpiece with contact cooling


Choose up to eleven handpieces with an automatic recognition system.

Moveo Handpiece

Moveo handpiece has been designed for faster and painless hair removal treatments with the Alexandrite laser. 

Protective Glasses

Safety glasses must be worn during a laser treatment. DEKA provides with every laser system specific laser safety eye-wear which are appropriate for the laser wavelength.

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