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PermaIPL+ is the latest technology portable IPL machine from the Perma range of laser and aesthetic devices.

The IPL system uses technology called Super hair removal (SHR) which is both successful and popular within the laser and aesthetic arena. The system offers hair removal in a virtually pain free method with no side effect's.

Not only can IPL offer hair removal but due to different IPL wavelengths can also offer treatments for 

  • Hair removal
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles 

Rental agreement is based over 3 years 

Initial deposit is equal to 4 months rental £1479.16+ VAT

32 months at 369.79+ VAT

72 hour call out guarantee

Full 3 year parts and Labour warranty. 

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IPL system
permaIPL handpiece
3 handle IPL

Super Hair removal

What makes SHR superior to other technologies is how it fires multiple shots at lower Joules and very quick rates. This causes the hair follicles get heated gently until enough thermal energy kills the hair follicle.  You do feel a warm sensation but no pain or discomfort.

The advanced technology of the permaIPL+ Super Hair Removal Technology offers an intense pulse light with varying wavelengths and adjustable spot size. 

Scope of treatment

  • Pigmentation
    • Age spots
    • Sunburn
    • Dermal Spots
  • hair removal
    • Whole body
  • Skin rejuvenation
    • Skin whitening 
    • Clean pores
    • Removal blackheads

Skin rejuvenation

As skin ages less and less collagen is produced resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The light form the permaIPL is absorbed deep in the skin to help product more collagen. 


Hair Removal & Skin rejuvenation


Key Features

  • 3 year warranty 
  • 1 -10 Hz frequency
  • advanced cooling down to -3 degrees 
  • 2 different spot sizes
    • 8*34mm,
    • 16*50mm
  • Multiple wavelengths 
  • The IPL machines comes with 3 handpieces 
    • 530nm : Remove spots like the freckle, senile plaque, etc.
    • 560nm : Skin rejuvenation 
    • 640nm : Hair removal 
  • 3 in one machine SHR, Elight and IPL
  • Lamp life expectancy 300,000 shots cost of replacement lamps £337.50 + VAT
Differnence General IPL shr FMS-IpermaIPL+ Advantages
Wavelength different filter change 2/3 professionals hand pieces No energy eradiate from divergence, no need to change filter ,longer lifetime .
Hand piece 1 handle 1 connection Auto-Identified Auto-identified HR SR VR handle , safer 
Energy max 50J/cm2 Low or not accurate Max 60J/cm2 ,Powerful & Auto Calibration More accurate & effective energy output & longer lifetime
Impurity Filter 1 impurity fliter Ion & Impurity filter Ion filter & Impurity remove any rubbish more than 100um produced during using, this specification prolong the life span of lamp and handpiece effectively.
Monitor function Unavailable Available Which shows all of connected points on display and monitor them all the time, which cuts a lot of time for maintenance if there is any problem with machine.
Water sensor Unavailable Available Water temperature sensor, water level sensor and water flow sensor make sure the machine to work safely and loose your worry on burned handpiece and burning patients, and prolong the life span of the xenon lamp.
Cooling Single-deck semiconductor+Magnitic pump+aluminum radiator Double-deck semiconductor+High pressure vane pump+Copper radiator Faster and stronger water circulation and heat dissipation ,4 times better cooling than general to ensure machine continues working time .
Case Copy case or plastic material Unique design case with pure ABS material Self-design case by ourself ,unique ,avoid others various quality machine in same case . 90% purity ABS ,exceptional damage resistance .
Laser Type Intense Pulse light
Wavelength 530-1200nm,640-1200nm
Output mode Pulsed
Input Power 3000W
Transmission Crystal light system
Safety class Class I type B
Screen size  8 inch toch colour screen
Energy destiny IPL Mode 10-60J / cm2 ;SHR Mode 1-15J / cm2
Frequency 1-10HZ
Pulse width 1-10ms
Spot Size 8*34mm(SSR/SR); 16*50mm(SHR/HR)
Crystal Temperature -5-30℃
Cooling System Semiconductor +water+air
Function hair removal, skin rejuveantion, skin tightening,pigmentation
Dimension 60*60*131cm
Net weight  50kg 
Fuse specification Ø5×20 20A
Power supply  AC220V±10% 20A 50-6-Hz,110V±10% 25A 50-60Hz


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